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Really need advice on procedures and tests

My GI is concerned that I'm not responding to meds so he ordered more blood work and stool samples. Still waiting on the celiac blood test and a giardia result. C diff was negative. Apparently he said that from the tests results my inflammation has gone down even though I don't feel any better. GI wants to do another colonoscopy and possibly my first endoscope. He thinks I must have UC and something else going on. Any idea what else could be going on? Did anyone have anything like this going on?

I'm also worried that my blood work showed my AST and ALT levels are very high and abnormal, they had been normal in January, now the AST has doubled and ALT almost tripled. Is that a sign of damage from the UC medication? I'm supposed to have another Simponi shot in a week but now I'm scared. I only know what googled told me about these tests so does anyone know more? Thank you!!

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From what I see, it maybe that your doctor is just trying to figure out what's making you sick and why you're not getting better. Needless to say, this could be the reason for all the scopes and tests. In some ways with what we've got it can take a bit of trouble shooting or trial and error because we're not always alike in this challenge of ours.

Yes, medication maybe the cause of your elevated levels. I'm not sure about much more though. But, if you're not sure or scared about your Simponi shot I would make sure to talk to your doctor about it before given the shot. They can always cancel it for you or calm your fears beforehand easier than waiting till afterwards.
I know the endoscopy and colonoscopy is so they can visually see what's going on inside you. The tests don't always give a complete picture.

I would tell the Dr as well about concerns with taking another shot.