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Really vivid dreams with azathioprine

Hi everyone, my boyfriend commented the other day that I seem to have really vivid, scary, memorable dreams a lot of the time ( I always tell him about my dreams you see haha) and it made me think. I dream every single night and wake up and can remember them for hours after as they are so vivid. they are often scary too. I have been on steroids but came off last week and I had a lot of nightmares with steroids (been on 3 times) and I've been on azathioprine for 6 years so I can't really remember what my dreams were like before, so I was just wondering does anyone else get vivid/scary dreams a lot with it?
I ALWAYS have really vivid dreams. I don't remember the last night I didn't have any!

I can't really put it down to anything though. I know for me it's not drug related. Maybe I'm just weird!
Come to think of it...I have been dreaming lately. I thought it was because I was not jumping up to go to the bathroom as much and sleeping more soundly:)


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I had crazy vivid dreams for the first few weeks on Imuran. They've since either calmed down or I have stopped remembering them.

-Kelly (now Entchen)
I do notice I am out cold quicker and its harder to wake up in the morning too. Much deeper sleep. This for me is strange since I used to have a hard time falling asleep. My husband's snoring used to keep me up but now its the other way around!!! Last night...another dream...or nightmare is more like it. I can't remember it but i do know it wasn't pleasant...
I just started on Imuran about a month ago. I haven't noticed much of a change in my sleeping yet, but I've been fighting off a flare and having night sweats. It seems to have gotten a bit better over the past week so hopefully the Imuran is starting to work. It would be SO nice to get a good night's sleep....it's been ages since I've been able to sleep through the night!

I did have a very vivid dream last night too....that I went in for a pedicure, but only had one of my feet done!
Interesting!!! My GI just upped my dosage from 100 to 125 and I have been having vivid dreams ever since. Hopefully it goes away. Last night I dreamt that my husband ripped down all the drywall in our basement because his brother needed it. I was furious.


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I take back what I said a couple of days ago. Had the *worst* dream last night. Guilt, sadness, worry, anxiety, you name it. I woke up two hours early and couldn't get back to sleep, either.

I had a few weeks break from the epic dreams, at least.
wow! so I'm not alone then. My dose has recently gone up and I am tired all the time. I had no trouble with tiredness when I first went on though, although that was a long time ago haha. I do find that I generally sleep better but like Entchen said I have a lot of horrible dreams and often wake up and can't get back/allow myself to go back to sleep as I'm so terrified!
I think this is probably one of the stranger side effects of azathioprine!
I used to get night sweats. I used to get a lot of fevers too during my flare. I am still in it I think since I still have a lot of bm's but more like 5 instead of 25 a day!!! I started with the dreams when I went from 100mg to 150mg of Aza. at 100 I had no side effects. Now I also am getting muscle cramping/aches. Not in the same places everyone else though...under my arm pits and just really all over! Like I am coming down with the flu.

Totally off topic - how the heck do you start a thread on this forum? I can't figure it out!
Hi ive just started taking Budesonide and ive been having night sweats and horrible nightmares ! Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this while taking this steroid ?
Or is it just me xx
Yeah i've had two most recently.. both i woke up very pleased to be awake and also confused as to what kind of dream that was. Sparing you of the curse words that went through my mind as well. lol!

I heard a lower immune system can cause you to have strange dreams.
so im not sure if it's a side effect from imuran, or a side effect of what imuran does. lol
I always have vivid dreams. Can't remember what it was like before Imuran and steroids though. Sometimes I wake up screaming or crying from them! The worst kind is when you dream you wake up, and something happens, and then you wake up for real and you can't tell if you're really awake or not.
oh yeah, those are horrible! earlier i had one (yes ive been sleeping a lot lol!) and i got in a fight with my mom on facebook, and i woke up within the dream and it only got worse and then i woke up for real and i had to go check her facebook page to make sure it didnt really happen.

and I woke up crying from one the otherday...

>.>; there was this old crazy woman in my dream and she made me cry-ith. lol

and i woke up like : -.-, .... >.> *sniffles*?? <.< .. =.=; phew.. just a dream...

lol! i was trying to act like someone got a bonus because they were hurting for money so i told them to just come and pick the money up, and then the crazy lady once i hung up the phone was like "WHYYYY WHY WOULD YOU DOOO THAT/??! YOU KNOW MY HUSBAND BEATS ME!! I CAN'T GIVE THAT MONEY TO ANYONE!!" and i was like "o.o no- it's not!- It's out of my money-" and she was like "WHYYY!!??? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!!?" and then i was like "0.0 omg... >.< EVERYONES F***ING CRAZY AROUND HERE!!!!! * starts crying and slides hands over head then wakes up crying*"

and it was one of those dreams i was happy to awaken from lol!

I normally dream... content stuff, and i only remember pieces of it, and during the day i forget ... this dreamm.... was over 24 hours ago, and i'm still remembering it very vividly..
maybe by sharing these dreams i'll finally stop remembering them so vividly as they are kind disturbing me ..
I have lots of trouble getting to sleep in the first place (think it's the pred) but when i do i seem to have pretty vivid/scary dreams (nightmares) Have been known to wake up crying and in a cold sweat, Have a lot of dreams about big ass spiders and wake up convinced that there in the bed , Boyfriend hates it as he then has to search the bed to convince me it was only a dream lol
Oh thank goodness I finally found this thread. I thought I was losing my mind....LOL
The dreams are very vivid and yes to the point that I am often unsure as to whether it is real or not after I awaken. This has only started since I began the Imuran. Are we having fun yet?