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Reasonable course of treatment for newly diagnosed?

reasonable course of treatment for newly diagnosed?

I was just wondering what is the reasonable or normal progression of treatment options for Crohn's? I was just diagnosed with it about a month and a half ago. I was hospitalized for 5 days and then sent home on Flagyl and 40 mg of prednisone. At my 2 week follow-up appt I was cut back to 30 mg/day prednisone and my dr. sent home some literature on cimzia to consider. After looking into it, it seemed to me more like a last-ditch effort rather than doing it so soon after diagnosis without trying other options. Also, I am concerned about the financial aspect. I have a high-deductible health care plan that I doubt will cover these treatments. My next appt is in a few weeks and I would like to be prepared with some questions!

Also, I had a friend HIGHLY recommend another gastro specialist. Since I am not overly impressed with my current one (assigned by the hospital when I was admitted) I tried to get into the new one. Unfortuantely, they practice out of the same office and do not take one another's patients. Any experience with this or ideas?? It is frustrating that this important decision of who will administer my care was taken out of my hands.

Thank you so much!!!!
I must agree with Shantel. Although I just read where aminosalisylates, such as Sulfasalazine, and Mesalamine are usually the first Crohn's treatment of choice. I just wrote a small article about them on my blog that tells the name brands and side effects.
One thing to remember is that the medications are usually prescribed depending on your situation. Do you have a mild case, moderate, or severe?
I was in your situation once regarding my doctor and his partner. I was able to get my second opinion out of town.
I was diagnosed so long ago, my doctors didn't have the choices that they do now. I started on Prednisone and Sulfasalazine. I have used Remicade and Humira without good results. But there again, that's my weird body. Shantel seems to be doing well with her colitis and Remicade. :)
Just remembered an old quote that I've used many times regarding some of the doctors that I've used over the years, and wanted a second opinion.

“Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect.”
-Benny Hill

Thanks for your responses! My dr. said that based on the x-rays of my small intestines, he doesn't feel like the other meds that they would normally try first will work for me. I have been approved by my insurance to cover the cimzia (though I have a $4000 annual out-of-pocket, but it could be worse!). I have received the first dose in the mail and had a voice msg from a nurse wanting to schedule a time to come do it. I guess she will show me how to do it myself, as it all comes pre-packaged. Just got the insurance approval and TB test this week so now I guess I'm ready to go forward. Still not so sure about this... !!!! The prednisone has kept things under control for the most part, stomach pain has been mild, no more vomitting (never had diarrhea), still fatigued somewhat though. But I am ready to get off the prednisone after being on it for 2 months + now. My poor little 3 yr old daughter is also on steroids for a bad case of eczema turned resistant bacterial skin infection :-( We are a couple of chipmunks!

Will try to keep updating. Thanks again!