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Reccuring male genital yeast infection?

Hey guys. The Crohn's has been fairly good since my big first flare last summer. About a month after my flare I got this nasty scrotal yeast infection (cant remember if I was on Flagyl at the time or if it was right before). Anyway, since then I have had about 4-5 of them and this last one won't go away.
I went to the derma and he gave me some new cream to try, but he said the Crohn's probably wont cause that yeast. The only thing he mentioned was stress, sweat, and diabetes. Now I'm freaking out that I might have diabetes. Any ideas?

PS - I was on Flagyl for 3 months last year, but again, I think my first rash happened right before I got on it.

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Yeah Flagyl is a culprit, I am on it now but low dose and take probiotics. Because I get Yeast alot, I take the oral Canesten (in where the Monistat creams and tablets are) one pill and it clears it up like a charm. I know the US has it and Canada. Good luck. BTW surgar feeds yeast so avoid it for awhile.
You should also be able to do a diabetes blood sugar test at your GP. Usually they will ask you to eat a few hours before doing the test. When you make an appointment, let them you know you want to get tested and ask them if there is any prep you have to do before hand.
Crohns may not cause it but the medicine you take for Crohns certainly will. Rule number one...when you get a antibiotic ask for diflucan also tell the doc you get yeast infections on antibiotics mine always gives it to me. Not only does the antibiotics cause it but any medication that you are on to depress the immune system will allow it to grow out of control. I have reaccurring infections in my mouth. I am a female and have had only one or two on my privates in my lifetime but I know they sell stuff at the pharmacy for ladies to help control the itching and burning I am guessing this would probably work for a man also. The probiotics work too and if you don't mind shopping the ladies sections they also have a yeast control pill called Azo should be somewhere near the midol. Good luck and hope all is well soon!
definitely diflucan...

Hi All,
Another vote for Diflucan.
I tried a few things against yeast, (oral)
but only Diflucan helped me.

I seem to recall it was spendy though...

Good luck with it,
I am not sure if you can tolerate plain yogourt, but I find eating plain yogourt really helps when I have a yeast infection. Also, applying it directly to the infected area tends to help. Just make sure it is plain and has no sugar or it will make the problem worse as yogourt can cause yeast to grow.