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Receiving antibiotics during delivery affects infant gut bacteria

This is a difficult one. My first son nearly died on his first day in this world after getting a group B streptococcus infection. This is typically passed from the Mother in birth, so before my second son was born, my wife was given a dose of antibiotics to prevent him from also getting very sick. Fingers crossed these things sort themselves out naturally over time as both were breast fed.

my little penguin

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I don't think they completely understand all that is involved at all yet

Two kids got abx during delivery
Only one with IBD
Both breastfed as well

Lady Organic

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Im really glad such longitudinal studies are being conducted. Prevention of disease with antibiotic seems like a good thing but if it means potential trigger to chronic conditions, drs and families need to know in order to make aware or more well-thought decisions. A friend just went through a very difficult experience recently at hospital for delivery, lots of antibiotic prevention for both her and the baby.

The understanding of the microbiota is really the next science. I have once heard a reseacher comparing it to the discovery of the DNA! We will most likely find a lot of answers from studying the microbiota.