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Recent upper endoscopy ? IBD advice needed please.

Hi all,
Firstly I am not diagnosed but really wanted some insight into the possibility of IBD after a recent upper endoscopy. My GP had arranged this procedure due to my problems with long standing acid reflux and upper abdominal fullness and pain.

Although this was the reason for my endoscopy yesterday I have had years of intermittent and unpredictable diarrhoea and tummy cramps. This had been put down to IBS after an upper and lower endoscopy 4 years ago showed nothing.

So the GI consultant saw me after the procedure yesterday and told me my gullet seemed fine but he was surprised to see some apthous ulcers in my duodenum. In his report he wrote 'ulcerated localised mucosa' and 'erosions x3 apthous type'
He had done an H pilori test which was negative and previously been negative. He asked me if I used anti-inflammatories much (I don't) as apparently this is the other main cause of erosive duodenitus.

He has taken biopsies and talked of doing a colonoscopy and a scan ??? To check for more of these ulcers. In the procedure comments he has written possible IBD awaiting pathology.

could I please have some thoughts on this ? Are these findings really suggestive of IBD ? And what would the pathologist be looking for in the biopsies ?
Many thanks in advance folks. X
Biopsies might show granulomas which solidifies a crohn's diagnosis. But biopsies are standard in both endoscopies and colonoscopies when there are underlying problems. But a minority of crohn's patients have granulomas, so their absence does not rule out crohn's.

It's definitely not ordinary to have ulcers of any sort in the duodenum; it sounds like your GI is making sure he diagnoses you properly. Good luck.
Thankyou for replying. It feels good to talk to others that understand. I hope it isn't crohns but it would explain a lot of things. Am I right in thinking bile salt D can be a symptom of IBD ? This is something that has been quite severe over the last 6 months or so.
Hope you both have a good day (depending on where you are in the world) x
I found the following article regarding bile salt malabsorption:


I think a colonoscopy and perhaps further imaging of your small bowel would be very helpful. Since you have some ulcers in your duodenum it would be good to see the entire small bowel; in my case the inflammation has been throughout the small bowel but not in my colon. Please let us know how you are doing.
Thanks Jabee, that was fascinating. If I had to identify where I got cramps and pain it would actually be where my small bowel is. It actually feels tender and swollen and sometimes looks a bit distended. My follow up appointment has been arranged for early August, so I'm guessing no plans will be made until then. I'll definitely keep you posted.