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Recently Diagnosed (In hospital)

I have been recently diagnosed with Crohn's. I am currently in the hospital, been here for a few days. I am on steriod injections, 20mg, 3 times a day, and asacol 3 times 3times a day.

I am wondering if anyone can help with questions. I am 31 and am healthy. I do not drink or smoke and watch my diet. I am a triathlete and love to work out.

I know that nobody is the same but can remission last for years? Is that realistic? Also, I am worried I will not get back to the same life I had before. Does hard workouts help or hurt? I just want to get this in remission and get back to where I was before. Anyone have any imput on what I should expect? Also will the steriods really make me gain weight and have mood swings?

I don't know about the working out aspect of it, but yes! remission can last many years. I was in remission for 10 years! I'm back in it again, and I know it sounds hard to believe the pain will ever end, but it is very realistic.

And as for the steroids, just search the word "pred" on this forum, people despise that drug! But I'm now seeing that many people have to "do their time" on prednisone, but if tapered correctly and with the right meds in place, you can reach remission. Good luck! Let us know how you progress please!


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Hi Brian: Welcome to the forum; I'm sorry you have Crohn's (and even sorrier that you are in hospital!). Yes, remission for years is possible. I love to work out and find that my body is not yet ready for long runs (half marathon distance) although it is getting closer, but I have taken up strength training and I'm on my bicycle most days, too, so I am back to being quite fit. As long as your body can take the hard workouts, exercise can help - not so much inflammation, but good health overall, at least. Steroids affect some people more than others, but yes, you might find that you feel irritable on steroids, and many people do gain some weight.

Thanks for your replies. I will be on the site more and more. It helps to speak with people who have been through this before. When I get out of the hospital (hopefully soon) I will post a pic and update my membership.


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:welcome: Brian! Glad you joined us. There are many athletes here (I am not one lol) but have had crohns many years. AS most of us are different in the disease,meds are the same. A good attitude does go a long way, and avoiding stress where possible. Most avoid dairy and wheat, especially during a flare. You will meet alot of people of your peers and insights from their experiences. Trial and error for all of us is the name of the game. Glad you are here, welcome aboard!
so sorry to hear you are in hospital. i too am new diagnosed. im starting to feel better and havent even started my maintance drugs. i am tapering off pred right now. it wasnt as brutal as expected. hopefully that will be your case as well :) welcome and feel better soon


Hi Brian and welcome to the family. Sorry you had to join us, but I'm glad you did. This is a fabulous place for love and support. We have a few runners here that have even started some helpful threads for those who wish to get fit again. Check out our Diet and Fitness Forum here. http://www.crohnsforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=17

I hope you feel well enough to leave the hospital soon. We're all here for each other, so chat with us any time! :hug:


Hi Brian!
Glad you found the forum! I was only diagnosed 5 weeks ago today with Crohn's Disease and have been on 40mg of pred since that day. It is a lot to wrap your head around and it will take time. This life lesson in patience is one I would prefer to skip and just get back to my life.

I am a marathon runner who hasn't been able to run so I very much understand your concerns surrounding those issues. I can tell you the toughest part for me has been accepting the fact that my body didn't get this sick overnight and it isn't going to recover overnight but, it will recover! I also have realized, looking back, that I have not felt "great" for a long time but just pushed through because that is just what you do...ignore the discomfort and push through. I can't imagine how great I will feel once in remission and running again!

My experiencec with pred. has been that the longer I am on it the more I notice the side effects. They can be tough but they are temporary! Just use the same strength of mind you use to get through races to get through this one.

This forum has been so amazing for me and I know it will be for you too!

Feel better soon and know you are not alone!

I would like to thank everybody for your response. I am feeling better. I am assuming that it will get a little better everyday. And, I get to go home tomorrow! Considering I have been her since Thursday I am ready.

I understand that the steroid is only temp and hopefully I can work on getting in remission and staying there. My doctor sounds hopeful. It is a lot to wrap your head around but I am hoping that I can get back to my normal life in a couple/few months.

Once again. Thanks for your help!
Welcome Brian

:ghug:Hi Brian,
I was diagnosed in March. I started feeling good in July after bi weekly B12 shots and iron infusions as well as remicade. ( I was never put on pred) From July to mid October I was feeling better. Good enough that the doc gave me a go ahead to join the crohns challenge. A half marathon in Las Vegas to raise money for crohns foundation. It was 3 weeks after the go ahead from the doc that I started feeling ill again and since then I have continued to get worse and have been in ER twice and hospital once since then. So of course no training will now happen (docs new orders) most of the time I have to muster up energy to get out of bed. I won't lie it is hard, but I am also a newbie as well. I too have many questions. I have found you need to advocate for yourself and find a really good GI that you feels not only listens to what your saying but will try to help as oppsed to the "lets wait and see and Ill see you again in 6 weeks" thats horrible because at first they want to run through the gamit of what smaller,weaker drugs will or will not work before they try the big meds. I have also found it odd my GI never put me on pred after diagnosis. As you will see many start out on pred. I had a horrible GI and I am know having to start all over again with a new doc. UGH! I know I might sound negative and please understand I am not trying to scare you, I just haven't been in true remission yet and it's been 8 months. Also everyone is has their own story, this just happens to be mine, good and bad. I just want to convey to you that it might be a bumpy start and if that's the case you need to educate yourself. Much of the knowledge and what has helped has not been through a doc but rather from what I have learned on the web and this site. Also have patience and if you get down or have anxiety that is completely normal, many of us have felt that. When you are dealing with a crohnic disease such as this I have to say yes there is a life change. It took me months to figure that despite hope and being positive. It changed my life, I have children and this has made it hard as a mom to be there for my family the way I would like. I worry to about the added stress on my husband because I depend on him so much more now. I can no longer work or watch my kids and that is hard but thats not always going to be the case. I will get better, I just don't know when and not having that control is hard. I will run that half marathon just not now. I have always been a go getter, outgoing, happy now I have limitations and that gets hard to accept. Sometimes will be worse then others and sometimes things will be great. You can never tell about this disease. I have to say when things are good I really cherish and enjoy that time. I am also a much stronger person. For me there is always a lesson to be learned. You will be able to do a triathlon again, you just don't know when. So until then pay attention to what helps you and what hurts. I can't have gluten, dairy, pop or even the occassional drink with a friend and I don't smoke but all the others have been hard to give up but when you consider the problem you have when you dont listen to your body it makes it easy to stick too. Also one last thing, when I was first diagnosed I started to load up on all these herbs and natural meds, which made things worse. A crohnie has a tempermental tummy. Again, this is just my story, your story will be different then mine, so find out what will work for you but for most here it is a change in their lifestyle but that could be for the better for some. I hope to hear how your doing so keep us posted. Any questions shoot me a message. Have a good night and stay strong and positive and patient. thats the best advice.
Really sorry to hear your in hospital, but yes, you can be in remission for a long long time. I've had crohn's for 12 years and was in remission for a full 6 of them! Unfortunately I've been in flare for the past year, but keep in your mind that remission is possible and I hope you get better quickly and get back to normal and working out :)