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recently diagnosed + traveling abroad seeking advice

Hi, I have been recently diagnosed with mild crohn's without complications. I have mostly pain after eating, not terrible though, but is there. I have hidden blood in my stool. They gave budesonide, but pain is still there if I do not have a very restricted diet. Since october I have not have more than 3 days without any pain in a row, some few times 4. If I start expand my diet, pain comes back. My doctor had me started with Stelara. I am traveling abroad for 6 months and I have questions about how to travel with the injections (worth of 3 shots). The airport to airport time is about 24 hs, house to house probably 28. Does anyone have experience traveling with biologicals and for so long? Which cooler is best to keep them well and is good for airport security? Can they go through XR or do I need to ask for other alternatives? So far it seems that my insurance will give me the override for holidays, but not sure how much they will cover... In any case, if any one can help thanks,