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Recently diagnosed with UC - Started Humira

Hi guys!

So I have been lurking this forum for a few weeks now and thought I should introduce myself as I have found some great information on here and some encouraging stories. I was recently diagnosed with UC at the end of October 2019. Before my diagnosis I had been having issues for about 6 months (ongoing diarrhea 10-15 BM/day; no blood). My PCP originally thought I had IBS and after finally getting referred to a GI and getting a colonoscopy & biopsy, it was confirmed I had UC.

Since then, my GI has tried prednisone (30mg/day) and Apriso (4-pills/day) to tame my inflammation with no luck. After four weeks of no progress he recommended I start Humira. At that time I was still in shock and denial about my diagnosis that I postponed taking humira due to all the scary side effects I read about. I finally caved in and began my loading dose January 10th. So far, I have began to feel better since tapering off prednisone...it gave me horrible insomnia. I still take Apriso 4-pills/day.

Anyways two weeks ago I finally started seeing progress with humira. My diarrhea went away and I began to have solid BMs (1-2 per day) and lots of energy. I even gained @5 lbs..I've lost @ 20lbs since my diagnosis. Unfortunately that ended 3 days ago...not sure if it was something I ate but the diarrhea is back. I have been following a strict low fiber diet and bland foods except Friday. My husband and I had takeout from our favorite ramen place. Was it what I ate that set me back? I'm regretting my decision on takeout but I miss food so much.

Is it too soon to determine if humira is fully working? I read it can take up to 3 months to fully take effect and see results. I'm trying really hard to stay positive.
Welcome to the forum. You are correct that Humira can take a few months before it works fully. It is encouraging that you are getting some good results. My son is on remicade and it took quite a while to get the dosage right, however, you are still in the early days. Are you still taking any other medications while you are on Humira? Often people need to take prednisone to bridge the gap until the bioligic is working fully. Have you weaned off your prednisone? Sometimes the body reacts to dropping of the dosage.
Thanks for your reply. :)

I'm currently taking Apriso (4 -.375mg capsules/day)...I was taking prednisone the first 3 weeks I started taking Humira. I took 20mg for 7 days, 10mg the next 7 days and the last week 5mg.

So today I'm back to solid BMs!! I guess it was the food I ate last week that affected me. Anyways, Friday is my next humira shot and I'm ridiculously excited. I guess since I know it's working.
Glad it’s working
Humira does take up to 3 months to be fully effective
Ds was on it for over 5 years
Good luck
Wow..5 years is a good run! I hope to have the same luck. Especially since we had to postpone getting pregnant due to my diagnosis. I hope I can get well enough that I can consider pregnancy soon. My GI mentioned Humira is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.