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Receptor on Gut Cells is Also Present on Immune Response Cells


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This is very early basic research, but finding the same receptor protein on the surface of both gut and immune cells opens a new approach to treating/curing IBD. This is years or decades away from clinical use, but it is encouraging to see new approaches opening up.

Hi @Scipio

This article seems very interesting. But without getting carried away, any idea on when they will be able to carry clinical trials on people with IBD?
I wish that the company carries human trials sooner than that. They have done trials in mice already. Does anyone have a contact in this company and find out more about their plans? It will be great to keep an eye on it.

my little penguin

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There have been many many mice trials over the past 11 years alone that looked good to great on paper but didn’t do nearly as well in humans
Also remember human trials would be adult trials
Pediatric trials tend to be another 5-10 years after things pass in adult Gi land .
I understand that this could be years away and still may lead to a new treatment or not. But as a father, I hope it progresses soon.