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Reclast Infusion

One of my Specialist Doctors has prescribed a Reclast Infusion for my bones. I will schedule the Reclast Infusion soon. I have had two previous Reclast Infusions in the past and this will be my last one.

Has anyone ever had a Stelara Infusion and then a Reclast Infusion ? I had my Stelara Infusion on October 29th.

Apparently my doctors want to jam as many medications into my body as I can withstand. 😣

my little penguin

Staff member
My kiddo is on two different biologics
We have done two within 12 hours of each other
One was a daily injection at one point the other was Stelara at every 4 weeks
The one he takes now is every other week and Stelara every 4 weeks
No issues and has done this for years