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Recovery from dehydration and heat exhaustion?


I had a hard day yesterday. Basically went out in 33 degree C weather (about 100 F) for work in the forest and was walking in some steep mountainous terrain. It seemed like within minutes I was dizzy so sat down. I was with a client so didn't want to be too wimpy. I thought I just needed to rest for a few minutes. We continued, I had some water but wasn't feeling too well. Around time for lunch I wasn't hungry, but feeling weak. Not long after that I started dry heaving. My client was bit concerned, I told him about the stoma etc so he would know what was going on.

Anyway, I made it back to town ok and went home to bed with a cold towel on my head. Was thinking maybe I should go to the hospital but felt I needed more peace and quiet than a noisy hospital. I tried to eat last night but I had no appetite.

This morning I'm starting off with some miso soup...I dry heaved a bit this morning but feeling a bit better.

I just plan on taking it easy, but if you can suggest something I would appreciate it. I guess I've got to stay in the office from now on :(
Soup is good. You might try an electrolyte drink too. And rest. I used to work, way back when, out in the bush and discovered after my first season that being a little white girl who should be living on a rainy rock does not do well in 35 degree weather. To combat this I would drink 1-2 litres water after breakfast, mix 1 100ml electrolyte drink with water in a 2L jug and sip throughout the day, pickle and cheese sandwiches, watermelon and citrus. That was pre-crohns diagnoses, I know now that potassium and sodium were what I needed to keep on top of, it was just fluke with my ignorance that I gravitated to the sport drink. But I did this for four years and it worked. PS I don't miss packing a saw, but I do miss being out there like that. Hope the soup works.
Thanks, yes I'll get some electrolyte powder somewhere to add to water. Gatorade was good but it seemed like the plastic bottles really pile up. I am really not in shape either so this is a wake up call to get more exercise. My weight is not up much though and I don't want to lose more.

Besides that, aspirin for my headache and I'll be out of the sun today! Gone are the days of roaming through the bush in all weather. I do miss it, but I wouldn't want to be stuck out there feeling this way. Time to slow down!

You are allergic to azathioprine? I tried it for two days and my skin was burning when I went out into the sun. The gastro wants me on humira or the other one - they seem like serious drugs and besides the episode yesterday I'm not in any pain or whatever so how would I know it is doing any good? Seems the side effects would be worse.
Aza is not my friend. Vomiting, itching, horrible muscle cramps like a 300lb woman in stilletos walking all over me, also the sun sensitivities. As for the Humira and/or Remicade, I think that would depend on what your inflammation levels are, not everyone presents with pain or D or vomiting or ......you get the idea. From my own experience so far and from what I have read here, the side effects are non-existant or minor for the majority. There seems to be more lack of effect over time for most, which has them change over to Remicade or a combination therapy. I'd go for the two dollar fix, if you are feeling okay, stick with what you're doing.
That's what I thought too, thanks. It just didn't make sense to bring down my immune system, since I'm on the waiting list to reverse my ileostomy and could be in hospital any day, though likely the fall. Hospitals are the worst for picking up new viruses etc. Last time I was there my room was cleaned twice in two weeks, disgusting. Thank you BC government for privatizing cleaning services...
I had my loading doses of Humira at home and all subsequent injections here as well for just that reason. I've relaxed my position somewhat over the years a) the hospital here is clean and b) I have three grandchildren and I do respite care for foster parents so I have come into contact with every cootie known to man and haven't gotten ill often (twice that I can trace directly to said kids). My illnesses seem to be Crohns derived and/or that pushin 50 thing.
I agree with Dunbar's suggestion on sodium, potassium and electrolytes. Here's wishing you well quickly, SkinnyNinny!!
Thanks, I'm feeling much better and still have another day to recover fully before heading back to work. Still, not a lot of energy. Have been drinking a ton of liquids but it goes right through me, so it is taking time to get re-hydrated.

I found a box of 'Emergen-C' electrolyte powder I was given a while back that I never tried because it reminded me of fleet enema! But I mixed with juice and ice and is ok. Exercise can be so tiring, I wonder if I'm just going to be a skinny slug from now on ;)

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
Whats up Skinny???????I hope everything is better for you. Got to stay out of that heat and take care of yourself, we can't have you getting sick on us.
I had my iliostomy reversal the 1st of Aug, and things are getting back to somewhat normal, what ever that is. Just thinking about you and thought that I would give you a shout out to see what the hell you have been doing and how you are feeling. Shout back if you have the time,
Yo pops!

I got out of the hospital on Friday. Had a blockage or stricture or whatever, was a horrible experience but back home now and slowly recovering. Lost another ten pounds probably. I tried quitting the herb for a week, that may have had something to do with it, things just clamped down (it really relaxes my insides).

I'm crossing my fingers this doesn't affect my resection, but as far as I know I'm still on the waiting list - Canada eh.

So what's it like having it back together? Hope you are managing ok.

I went for a cruise yesterday on my motorbike and had an awesome swim in a lake not far from here - so happy to be alive!

Take care you old man, thanks for checking in I was wondering if you were ok!

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
Hay Skinny, very sorry to hear that you were in the hospital with a blockage, ouch, they can be painful. How long were you in there? I use to get blockagaes or I thought I had, nothing coming out of the bag for about 6-8 hours and some pain in my tummy. I went to the hospital 2 times for it when I had my bag but it always worked it's way out by it's self the same day. You really have to watch what you eat and chew very well when you have a bag.
As far as my reversal, well, the operation went well and I was doing ok for the first 2 weeks and then I noticed that there was a small red spot on my suture about 1-2 cm round and there was some swelling so I went to the Dr. and he had to lance it and about 50ml of fluid came out. The slit is rigth on the scar and only about 1/2" long but the cavity inside ia about 2 cm deep and tunnels each way along with the scar about 4cm in each diection and 1 cm from side to side. They pack it with 1/4" packing about 2 1/2 ft long. Pretty big hole inside but should heal in about 30 days. I'm taking antibiotics also. Like I said everything was going good the first two weeks but when you have this reversal you will be having about 10-15 BM's a day for a few days and it will start to go down or maybe not , each person is different. Myself I was down to around 5 a day by the time I left the hospital (6days) and then when I got home I started getting alot of BAD gas pains, and alot of the times the gas will not come out I've tryed everything, very painful. If you look over the internet you will see storys that it takes about 3-6 months for things to get back to "Normal" but should still have 3-5 BM's a day. I'm finding out that it is no walk in the park like I thought it would be and after talking to my Dr. he said the samething. Some days I wish I wouldn't have done it but for the most part it is very NICE not to have the bag. As soon as they take the bag away and about 2 days later you start to feel feelings that you have not had since you have had your bag. With the bag I could pretty much eat as much and what ever I wanted to. NOT SINCE THE BAG IS GONE" they say that it takes time for your colon to wake up. I get backed up sometimes and only have 1 BM a day sometimes and gas that I can't pass. very painfull. The last 2 nights I woke up around 3am and was in real pain. It might be because I'm on antibiotics, but I've found out that its a good idea not to eat after 7 pm. I don't mind having gas if I can pass it , but when you can't no pain pill will take the pain away. I take GasX, Milk of magnesa, tums drink lots of water, take a stool soffener, I don't know what eles to do. One night I couldn't get anything to move in the middle of the night so I did a Fleat enama, that helped. I thought that the reversal would be no big deal, but it is a long road to full recovery. Today has been a pretty good day, I hope that I have a good night. One thing I can tell you is after the reversal STAY AS ACTIVE, WALKING AND DOING ANYTHING ON YOUR FEET as soon as you can after the operation. I haven't been until about 2-3 days ago and it make you feel much better if you stay active and that could be just a 30min med. speed walk. You can read all kinds of bad storys on the net and you will find some GOOD ones also, but I look at it this way. If I had a good eazy reversal I wouldn't be back on the net posting it, I would be getting on with life. I find that I get on the net when things are not going to well. Get my drift. My Dr. said that it will all work out in the end. I hope thats true because I got a taste of it the first 2 weeks even though I was still in recovery from the operation big time. I pray that it all works out soon. One good thing. I use to get up about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours to empty my bag. Now I sleep from 10pm till at least 3am most of the time, and go back to sleep until around 7 or 8am. I like that.
Sorry for the long story, but I wanted to let you know that there is a long recovery after a reversal. I'll help you get ready for it and tell you what you will need like wipes, cream for your bum and what not. There are alot of must haves after the operation. When will you be getting your reversal done?
Talk to you soon.
Hi Pops,

I wrote a long reply and then something timed out so I lost it all. I'll keep it brief.

Five days in the hospital. Admitting doc thought I had pancreantitis and transferred me to bigger hospital. All I need was suction, which I got two days later when they wanted to prep me for a camera in my stomach. Huge relief then, which confounded the doctors who here never listen to patients or check history. Fricking idiots all of them!

I'm still pretty weak and slow getting around, took a lot out of me. On the waiting list for surgery, I could get as little as a days notice. Surgeon said this fall sometime.

Thanks for reminding me about the recovery, I know it will be weird feeling the colon do its thing again. Am trying to be more cautious about food. Are you on any special diet? I will avoid gluten now, I think its for the best. Doctors can't really say whether I'm celiac but I figure there is no harm in trying. I used to get those gassy cramps too, very painful. Just like a blockage only no vomiting, for me anyway.

Yeah, if I was healthy I wouldn't be reading this stuff. It helps though to get ideas of what might help. Hang in there, your wound will heal eventually.

I'm thinking of getting my own NG tube and suction pump so I can clear out my own obstructions. This last experience really soured me to the medical profession, more than it was before. You would not believe the debates I had! I start out with trust they will take care of me, then by the end wanting the hell out of there before they kill me!


Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca

Man it sounds like you went through hell. I hope you are feeling better.
In regards to you having a reversal, I would make sure that your Dr. do ALL the pre OP work like a CT, barium enema and colonoscopy al least. And really think about hove much you really want it because it is not a sure thing that it will give you a better quality of life. Sometimes it takes 6 months or even up to a year for your gut to get back to some kind of normal and it won't be the same normanl as you had before all this started. The problum I'm having with my wound is just a small issue and will heal, BUT as far as my BM's and having a better quality of life, well I'm 4 weeks post op and I'm no wear close to that yet. The first two weeks week ok but then when I stepped up my diet I took 2 steps back. YES, I am on a special diet, a low residue diet, but sometimes I get a bit constapated and thats when things go bad. I have over reacted because of the pain in the middle of the night and took a Fleet emema and stool soffeners ans Milk of Magnesia. In the long run that just puts me back to square one. I had a talk with my Dr. today and he told me to STOP taking all that shit and have some patience and let my colon and small intes. do thier thing and I will get better day by day. So two days ago I started eating smaller meals and about 6 a day about 3 hours apart. Making sure that ALL the foods are soft and eazy to digest. One thing for sure, you will have about 10 BM's a day till things slow down and then will end up around 3-4 but everyone is different. It's not a walk in the park. It's alot harder that the first operation and getting use to the bag. Some days I wish I wouldn't have done it and some days I'm glad I did. If it works out that after all is healed and I end up with 3-5 BM's a day I'll be happy that I had the reversal. When you have it done you really are rolling the dice, because there is NO WAY that anyone can tell you what the outcome will be. Worst cass, you will end up getting the bag back, but look at all the pain you will have to go through if that is the case. I wish I had better news than that, but the this is the true reality of getting a iley. reversal. I didn't find this out until about a week before I had mine done and started to do some research on the net. BUT, I do belive if I follow the diet and be patient I wil have a better quality of life. For sure I do like having NO BAG.
I hope things go well for you and keep me up to date with whats going on. And how is your music going. I played on stage a week ago with a band I used to play with years ago. It was fun.
Wow, awesome Pops to get out so soon after your surgery! I've pounded away on the bass once and a while, but it probably won't go anywhere until I actually learn how to use it. Fun though to play along with music. I actually have a Green Day book! Tuned down 1/2 to try Brain Stew...but then realized most players wouldn't bother with that tuning stuff. Still, it's fun. There's little in the way of a scene here, and I'm pretty sure people expect a bass player to know how to play, like for open mic nights and stuff like that.

The only thing about the ileostomy reversal is the dread of the pain and just suffering in the hospital. I worry a bit about coming home and taking care of myself because I'm alone now, but nothing a taxi or maybe home care wouldn't fix. If there are complications then I'll deal with it...but at the end of the day, I want to get back to life as almost normal as possible without worrying about leaks and having to empty the bag 15 times a day. Also, I'd like to find a partner eventually - I don't see that being possible in this condition. Maybe other people have been lucky, and I admit I have gotten used to it, but I've had a couple dates already and I can see the surprise when I've told them...and if I were them I would probably turn around too. Count yourself lucky to have supportive family/wife etc. Maybe I'm just a miserable bastard who feels sorry for myself, I don't know. If it weren't reversable then I would deal with it and accept it, but as long as there is that option then I'm going for it, no question!

Yep, I had a colonoscopy in July...and last week an ultrasound, CT scan and camera down my throat - all good, no active inflammation. Next week I'm doing some kind of gastric follow-through scan, not exactly sure how it works but you fast and then swallow some gunk while they scan you, x-ray I guess because there's no CT here. I'm sure it will be as appetizing as warm beer and razor blades ;)

Was thinking of avoiding gluten. I do enjoy miso soup! And definitely slowing down my eating and eating more often. So nice to enjoy raw fruit again! But I'm also going to avoid alcohol...except white wine for my seafood boulabase! Yum. Time to get healthy, and try to gain back some weight.

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
You need to get the reversal for sure

SKinny, After reading your post you must do the reversal because if you don't you will always wonder if it would have worked or not. And to tell the truth, there is a chance that you will be worse off than with a bag but the chances of being better off are much better than not. I just want you to know it is no walk in the park and can take up to 6 months for the BM's go down to 3-4 a day. I forget if I told you in my last post so I'l say it again. The operation is a big one and they do alot inside of you and if they have to cut you open instead of a lipo. it is more painful than getting the bag, but you can habdle that. For me and alot of others what starts to really get to you is all the BM's after the operation. They don't start till about 4-5 days after the reversal and then they will be alot. My 1st day was I think 5 but the next day was 15 then 10 then I think I left the hospital at around 8 a day and stayed there for about 2 weeks. Make sure you use some cream on your bum after each BM or it will get very sore. At 2 weeks I went to 1-2 a day, sounds good but it wasn't. I started getting off my diet (low residue diet) WAY to soon and I wasn't constapeted but it could not evacuate myself, I had soft stool but it wouldn't come out, could be because I'm on Norco for my back but I think it was because of eating 3 big, normal size meal instead of 5-6 smaller meals, thats the way to go. I had to take enemas and Milk of Magniesa (witch my Dr was pissed off, but the Dr. on call said to. Anyway I wanted to give you a update since I stopped all that. Its been 3 days now eating low residue diet 5 small meals a day and I'm doing better. BM's are going up, today I had 5, sounds like, why would Pops be happy that he had 5 BM's today, because it makes my tummy feel better. After the reversal you will have a TON of GAS and if you can't pass it you heart ALL the time, hence, if you have 5 or 6 BM's you also get ride of the gas and feel better. Some people start doing really good 3-4 weeks after the reversal but the rule for most is around 6 weeks to 6 months before they get their NEW normanl. I can say today was a OK day, I feel that it will get better each day but there will be set backs when I interduce a new food so It's a try and see thing. You'll finds food that don't bother you and you might want to stick with it on somedays when you want to feel good. But I can tell you , you will ALWAYS be dealing with GAS. I have a tip for you to help out. I didn't think it would work but it sure does help ALOT. I take 3-4 MINT OIL caps (1 or 2 at a time) throughout the day and it seames to keep the gas somewhat at bay, also I take GasX it also helps. I tell you when the gas is bad there is no pain pill on earth that will help, none, nota. It's a long recovery and I'm only 1 month into it today. My scar still hearts alot sometimes, like I said its harder than when you get your bag. One other thing, and this is very important. The more active you are the better you feel, not shit, hands down. If I feel like shit and if I just buck up and do something like take a walk, or go to the gym and do some treatmill or just some cardio instead of just sitting I DO FEEL WAY BETTER. I'm sorry for going on and on, but I think of you as a friend and want to help you as much as I can because this is a hard recovery but it is do-able thats for sure, and you can do it on your own, you might need some help with cooking for a few days right after getting out of the hospital, but if you start walking the day after the operation and have a 5-6 day stay you can do your own cooking. Pancakes, or eggs are real good in the morning, Tuna or grilled cheese for lunch. OOOOOOOOOOOO and if you want to gain some lbs before the operation, and you should because you will loss about 10lbs after the op. Eat ALOT of FAT and protin, right now don't worry about how healthy you eat, you want lbs, eat the skin from the chickn, eat alot of icecream each night before you go to bed. My Dr. told me after my 2nd operation that as long as 50% of what I eat is good for me the rest don't matter. You just need to gain the weight. I was eating over 3,000 caleries a day for 4 months and went from 121lbs to over 160.
Sorry for the long note. It's Friday night and for the first time in a few days I'm feeling pretty good and got caried away, sorry. Good luck with everything and I wish you the best. I'll keep you up to date in regards to my condition.
Hi Pops, I like the long posts, I just can't reply as long sometimes! Ramble on, I do it too. I enjoy reading your experiences and thanks, there is some good advice. I've already been eating ice cream before bed! Chocolate, but I stuff a few marshmallows first to slow things down a bit. I think the cold helps sooth my gut too.

I am just an eating machine, it is so hard to not want to drink immediately after eating though, I need to resist more, otherwise it just flushes everything out right away. I am beginning to feel more satisfied after eating. Normally I just continue to feel hungry. I pickled some green beans from the garden, some zuccini and am making some sour kraut from cabbages from the garden, and am trying to make some oatgurt, like fermented raw oats, supposed to be good for the gut too, along with the sourkraut. Plus I am dying to tast the lot of it, nice and salty! I also got some liquid magnesium/vitamin D to help my old bones.

I haven't weighed myself in months, but I can still feel my ribs. Need more exercise I think, so want to start swimming again and picked up a soccer ball to kick around. Might finally get a bicycle too, there are tons of trails around here. Was listening to some Johnny Cash today, makes me want to play some music. Odd eh? I used to play mainly R&B, jazz, rock...but I do love blues, and some country is alright too. That and Dead Weather, it sounds almost like heavy metal, maybe hard rock. Lately punk just sounds like pop, but I saw a documentary on the Ramones and it reminded me how much I loved that band in the 80's. The lived some hard lives!

Rock on Pops...I'm back to work tomorrow for one day, then holidays for a good week!
hi skinnyninny,
if your going out and about do you carry a backpack,ruckcack??if so go to a sports shop and buy a hydration bladder that can hold 2-3 litres of fluid,i do alot of mountain biking in scotland,not nearly the same hot weather....:-(
i take isotonic(electrolyte) juice in my camelbac plus carry a small bottle of water too,my gi nurse says the isotonic juice is really good for de-hydration in crohns patients because of the minerals it replaces hope this helps

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
Skinny, get your fill of all the stuff you got out of the garden and the sourkraut because alot of that will be off limits after your reversal. I know the sourkrout will be off limits for sure. Icecream is still ok, thank God, But you will be on a diet of soft things that are eazy to digest, no fresh fruit especially with skins, no skins at all. After you colon wakes up and things get going good again you can add things to see how it works. BUT there will be some things that you will not eat anymore, they will cause you problums, not alot of things, just a few. I'm at the point of interducing SOME new things but I have my SAFE list I can stick to. Went to the Dr. today and all is going well with the wound that I'm having packed. He said it will take about 6 more weeks before it will be healed.
I got my boat all ready and set up to start fishing soon. The fish (Striped Bass) start running up the river about this time of the year until around the end of Nov. I've missed most of the last two years of it and I'm looking forward to going out. I might go out once this week if the wind isn't to bad. The wind starts to lay down around this time of the year and it is about 80 degrees out. I have a canvas on the boat so I can stay out of the sun. I've been looking for a fishing partner and I think I've found 2. I go out Mon-Firday. There are to many boats at the boat ramp and people on the weekends. They feed the fish on the weekend, I catch them during the week. LMAO but its true. I get them up to 35lbs but most of the time it's 5 -15lbs. alot of fun and they are a wonderfull eating fish. White and flakey with very little fishy taste. The limit is 2 a day but I get so many I give them to friends and what not. They love Em.
Ya, you need to get out and do some bike riding and what not because after you have your reversal it is so weard not having a bag. You feel free and you want to be in shape when the time comes. I started going to the gym about 2 months before I had the reversal, but I didn't go enough to do any good, but I don't sleep all day like I did when I had the bag. I guess because the food stays in you longer and you get alot more out of it to give you the energy you need. But I must say that I still enjoy my 2 hour afternoon nap every day. Hell, I'm 62 now and retired, so I do it because I CAN.
It's funny, my 4 year old Grand daughter, on her own gave me a angery Birds birthday party on the 3rd of Sept. it was cool, she was in the party mood and talked her Moma into making me a cake, she made me wear a birthday hat and everything. They both live with me and my wife and we love it. She LOVES her Papa, I think because Papa always has a few bucks for a new pair of shoes and you know girls and shoes. she has about 60 pair for sure. She has me around her little finger.
Well, I hope you have a good week and get out and enjoy the outside while the weather is good. Winter will be coming soon.
Hi hainman, yes that is a good suggestion. I am drinking much more and don't go anywhere without a couple of bottles, one of water and one of juice. I have used some vitamin suppliments in the water too, but not so much anymore.
Hi Pops, lucky guy with the fishing, good on you! Funny, I just picked up a whole bunch of lures and a new rod and reel a few weeks ago at a sporting goods store. Walked in to get a bow and some arrows, and left with a ton of stuff, all great for camping and hunting and whatnot. But, still don't have my license to fish or hunt here! I bought a five year card when I was in Ontario ice fishing last winter, but it's only good there.

I will be so spoiled, since I am eating all the time. I know this will change a lot after the surgery, but nothing that a spoonfull of sugar won't help go down (porridge mainly). Actually now that my surgeon must have gotten wind of my last bout in hospital, I have an appointment to see him next week. I'm really hoping he doesn't want to postpone things.

Other than that, it's all good, cracker. Just hosted my older brother (54), showed him around Vancouver, then met up with another brother in town for work for dinner and then bbq at my place. I basically took a week and a half off...my mistake at the beginning was to continue monitoring emails. One big meeting was rescheduled to later in the month, so that was great I didn't have to go out for that with my brother staying at my place and all.

Have been looking into some pretty sweet property here, just land off the grid, so I'm thinking about looking into a mortgage. Wish it was cheaper, but it never seems to go down here yet...good luck with those fishies, sounds so good. I love the pickerel/walleye back east, but here anything is good - halibut, tuna, salmon, sole. Would love to set up a smoker! I actually did two dozen jars of pickles...and sourkraut!