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Recovery from surgery

Wanted to give an update on my surgery, as reading some of your posts from your experiences helped me!

I had surgery Wed the 17th for stricture. Had about 12 inches total of instestine removed, mostly small but some colon as well. This is my first surgery ever of any kind so I did not know what to expect. It went very well for the most part. One of the worst parts was actually the morning of the surgery, BEFORE the surgery. The day before is clear liquids only, bowel prep, and anti-biotics. I guess the anti-biotics on an empty stomach REALLY did not agree with me. I was sooo sick starting at 4am that morning that I was scared they would not do the surgery. I was vomitting bile and dry heaving almost constantly from 4am til after I got to the hospital at 8am. Even after they gave me zofran and phenegren I still was not past it 100%...so luckily the team was ready to operate so we started early and they just put me out! lol. I remember the anesthesiologist telling me what they were going to do, right after I had climbed over to the operating table, and the next thing I know they are waking me up and I'm thinking...really? I'm done? You've already gutted me and put me back together again? lol. I had very little pain. I was just freezing so they piled all kinds of warm blankets on me. I think they had given me an intra-thecal (sp?)... that is a pain block in the spine I believe. I had it during one of my childbirths. Anyway, I was on a PCA with morphine after that. The worst day was Friday when I had to get up and move around more. It hurt like heck but it was mostly my fault... I got freaked out and tensed up then couldn't relax my stomach muscles and started screaming in pain (very briefly). They couldn't reach the dr to give me anything more and I was almost hyperventilating... I had memorized Psalm 91 before going into surgery and I started speaking it over and over and my mom prayed over me and the next thing you know I'm calm and feeling better! They did finally give me something for anxiety but I pretty much didn't need it by then. Since then it has been what I guess would be the usual when you've had abdominal surgery... you just don't realize what all you use those muscles for. I was able to go back to a liquid diet the next day after the surgery as I started passing gas, then on to full liquid and finally soft diet on Sunday night. They want you to have a bowel movement before you go home... that took about 4 days, then I came home on Monday afternoon and I go back Friday to remove the staples. Anyway, I am looking forward to eating some veggies again without ending up in the ER! I haven't had anything too daring yet but had some lasagna last night and tolerated it fine. I have been on prednisone at least 20 mg daily since July and my surgeon has told me to do 10 mg for 3 days then QUIT. I'm so excited about that!! He said we would talk to my gi specialist at a later date about whether I need maintenance drugs. ( I was on cimzia before the surgery and it did not help, as the damage had already been done when I started taking it).


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Here is to a clean slate Juben....Yipee!..I had surgery in 2008. The pain is gone...I hope you continue to heal well and get back to your life. I am on Remicade as the disease came back immediately post-operatively. Keep an eye on things so you can nip it in the bud! Good luck.


Sounds like you tolerated everything beautifully (beyond the bit at the beginning). I hope you stay in remission for a long time. Of course, keep us all posted...
Hello Juben, When I had my first surgery I had about the same removed.
I had years of No active Crohns afterwards.
But, I had loose stools and mentioned it during a follow up appointment.
Bile malabsorbtion caused by ileal resection.
I was given Questron it worked great.
Mention it to your GI if you Like?
I wish you well, Ryne

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Congrats it is over! I have had two resections, I missed the salads too but go easy on them. I would also try some digestive enzymes in the beginning. The salad stuff is hard to digest for anyone. Steam your veggies... I always do, love them. Like Orchard says if the D keeps happening use the Questran, I did for about a year, now I dont need them. Keep us update, so glad you are onto recovery!
Thanks for the advice... I'll keep that in mind! I have already enjjoyed a few meals w/ veggies for the first time in well over 6 months... it was great! Now I seem to be having some 'night crazies'... my mind is sleepy but my body wants to MOVE all over. I wonder if this is an effect of stopping the prednisone.

Thanks again!
congrats on getting through surgery! glad to hear you are feeling better and are finally getting off the nasty evil prednisone! hope you go into a nice long remission!
this sounds really great! I am glad to see more of the stories here about how well surgery goes as I know I was quite intimidated by the whole thing myself. Reading some of the stuff here calmed me quite a bit.