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Rectal bleeding and about to prep for a colonscopy. Should I be worried?

:sign0085: I am wondering if anyone had do deal with this...and if so what was your outcome? I have rectal bleeding with direhha (until 4 days ago and no bm now)...I am staring my prep tomorrow (Sunday 6-3) and am nervous about excessive bleeding. They matched my blood before thinking I needed a blood transfusion but luckily my body made up for the loss..:eek2: :shifty-t:
phone the department that are going to do the procedure - tell them your worries and see what they say.

i havent found anything usefull on the net about this - sorry


Ive had bleeding through most of my times with crohns and it didnt make any difference to it my having preps or colonoscopies. If at any time they think they can cause damage to your bowel they will stop (has happened to me once)
I've prepped with rectal bleeding and without...
1. Be prepared for shark attack in the bowl, it looks worse than it is
2. It stings more with bleeding-i think thats due to the mix of open wounds and whatever type of dynamite you've been given

Either way, barrier cream your bumhole, you'll be greatful after 8hours of constant poopage :)
Also... If it hurts too much or if you get a fever that lasts (sweats and prep are normal) get yourself to the hospital!! I always think it's good to be bad when you have investigations, better chance of finding things! Be careful, good luck and let us know how you get on :)
Has anyone had a fever of 100 during a prep? I have been fine all day til I started shitting. Started throwing up, pain and chills 3/4 way through mix. :sign0085:


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Maybe you should call the doctor or ER.
Which prep are you using?
Are you drinking enough clear fluids in between using the prep.
It is such a difficult time for you, but soon it will be over and you will be able to sleep a little hopefully.
I had to take two stool softness and then mix a whole thing of marlax with 64 oz of orange Gatorade. Got only about 50 oz down.

To top it off I gave my self my very first ever hemmoroids. Ahhhhh :ymad: it's always something