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Rectal bleeding


I’m in a flare for a couple months now. At first it was pretty bad but 8 months on pred stopped the pain and the dark blood.

Though at my last scope, my GI saw that there was still inflammation almost only in the rectal area. So I started Cortifoam, it REALLY helped. Now I have urgencies in the morning, maybe 4-5 and some days 2-3 later if I ate something bad the day before. I have NO pain and the stools are mostly formed but small. But each BM has blood in it. It is light but sometimes there is quite a lot.

I heard that the rectal area is hard to heal. And my GI told me that if it is not healing, we’ll have no choice but to remove all the colon and rectum.

I’m trying Stelara+6mp, so far I do not see improvement so in case it never help, I’m wondering if any of you had this kind of issue, any experiences?

Thank you!!
Not familiar with stelara, and the first site I looked at didn't clarify things too much. What type of medication is it?

I have had a fair amount of inflammation rectally, but still have everything there so make sure you get a second opinion on that before consenting to anything that can't be reversed. I have had to have periodic dilatations done when being scoped, but those are years apart right now. Remicade and imuran seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping it from getting much worse. The combination of meds for me took about a year to fully kick in.
Thanks for your message, shamrock15!

Yes, Stelara is not really known so far, I actually get it off-label.

Yes you're right, I'd ask a second opinion for sure before going for this kind of surgery. Actually I have 2 GIs and they're both just starting to talk about it as all the anti-tnf don't work anymore and we're quite running out of options bceause I failed so many meds.

But one year to fully kick in with the combination of meds, that's long! I guess I'll be patient ;) I think Stelara is a bit like Entyvio for the time it takes to kick in -it can take a while.

It's just so bad to see blood every time!!
I know what you mean - I was severely anemic for three years due to bleeding. They never did actually find the source of mine. It just sort of cleared up and doesn't seem to have been as a result of any meds. I believe the meds took care of about 80%, and the rest due to better sleeping at night. Fingers crossed that something works for you soon.