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Rectal cuff inflammation

So what meds stop inflammation in the rectum systemically? I am thinking none beyond prednisone (whcih DD is already refractory). :( just treating a rectal stump on an ostomate? Starting to stress out a bit. Anucort suppositories are not helping. So I am guessing her doctor will want to try Canasa... Which I believe made her worse before to the point that she had rectal prolapse. :eek2:

My current search is to find SCFA (Short Chain Fatty Acid) suppositories bc she has such a little amount of cuff to treat the enemas cannot be retained. Figured I would pick your brains before giving up all hope.

Her doctors also are leaning in the direction of Tacro Suppositories as well.

The bleeding is visually minimal, but according to last scope cuff was friable so that is not good.

Any experience or opinions welcome! Holistic included.

my little penguin

Staff member
DS did not have much luck at all with the creams and suppositories - including canasa etc...
Have they tried iv solumedrol ?
One or two doses to calm things down?
Is she on any maintence meds ( I forget -I know the uc vs crohn's thing was up in the air at one point)?
If not what about stelera /humira /Mtx/6-mp since she is older now and I assume can swallow pills ..

The only thing that helped DS was remicade/humira and he still manages to get bouts of rectal inflammation .

Does Cincy have any ideas ?
No she is not on any maintenance medication prescribed by GI. Still no true tell tell signs of CD, she is technically IC now. Though we have recently started LDN per her new MD whom is also doing allergy testing. My fear is to start an immunosuppressant and it will interfere with the LDN. She has only been on it for 2 weeks. We also recently did a complete nutritional panel to check all of her vitamins and minerals to see if there is anything there that might be causing this to occur. My guess is it is Diversionary Colitis, but no chance of restoring fecal stream. :(

A bit paranoid to start any of them as well due to PSC being so up in the air (the effects of the meds staging her liver issues) and her more recent Dx of a incomplete pancreas Divisum scares me from the Canasa being it can cause pancreatitis. Why can nothing be easy for her?

my little penguin

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VTfamily (Gus's mom) said something about flushing it daily saline( pedialyte) to prevent that I think not sure---
make sure a pediatric allergist is doing the allergy testing - IgG testing is not recommended at all .


also keep in mind meds that did not work before - may work now since her overall system is in a better place .
Sorry to hear you guys are now going through this! I hope the LDN really works for her and is the last treatment you needs! keeping my fingers crossed for her!
Sorry I didn't get back on the forum last night. I found this amazing homeschool curriculum sale and there was over 30 pages of items on sale. I spent hours and hours and still didn't finish it.
The LDN took about six weeks to start showing improvement. By four months she was in clinical remission. I am praying so hard it is your miracle!
I'm so sorry you guys are having such a tough time. I agree that there are definitely times when I have wished that the normal/easy would work for us too.

When Gus was on the IV TPN, we did flush the IV lines with sailene to keep them flowing properly because he was only running the TPN overnight, not 24/7.

Gus did have rectal inflammation some time ago. His doctor prescribed a suppository, I can't recall the name. It started with an "M." I know that isn't much. It was a series of 10 daily doses. It worked like a charm. I'll let you know if I find the name.

Best wishes to you.
Cheryl VT
I soooooo know your frustrations. The rectum is a total Game Changer. We still have the whole rectum... they haven't done surgery because of the rectal cuff thing. If they do surgery they are planning to remove the whole thing along with anus. I will be watching this thread too. We have recently started Vedolizumab and are doing cortafoam enemas.
Cheryl, If you come up with the name...Post away :)
I found something that is working but unfortunately they are supposed to be continued long term, compounded 1mg Budesonide Suppositories. I think he should ween her because it has been over a month. Being they are compounded I have the used molds so I am hoping to find another recipe.