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Rectal Pain and bleeding.

This second day for reasonable form stool will 1 out 4 roughish. The problem is I am trying eat better well input of food also fluids water mainly and uses movicial for constipated which I suffer from.

I have pain went passing a stool and bleeding, the nurse is on back at hospital until Monday. I just phone was only available on Mon to Wed this week.

I have apt soon for jabs, so maybe trying quick with nurse.

Any suggestion would great appreciate.
I've always had blood with my poops on and off for years now it seems like it heals up for a while then opens up? Discuriging but I guess it comes with this crohns thing try putting some A and D ointment down there to help keep from getting raw and irritated and maybe start a good strong probiotic like florastor or cuturelle that seems to help me out a lot plus certain foods like pizza aggravates my back side
Yeah it's pretty unsettling but it's gonna be ok just tell ur dr it's pretty common with crohns try changing ur diet and giving whatever it is time to heal
I agree that the rectal bleeding/bloody stool thing comes and goes. The constipation may be aggravating things and scraping the inside of your colon. Def something to let the doc know about but no cause for panic unless its a large amount of blood. Have you tried psyllium (Metamucil)? My doc swears by it. Also, often a day or two on full liquids will help me to let things heal up a bit.
I drink a glass of mucil everyday I have for years now it's awesome!!! I'll give it a few days let whatever I ate that didn't set right with me clear out and see how it goes from there I'm not in any pain just sucks bleeding kinda brings u down but it well stop eventually I'll probably step back up on my steriods for the rest of the month just incase it's a crohns thing and not just constipation an I also heard it could be a absess draing which is a good thing