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Rectal Prolapse Surgery

I've had crohn's disease for a bunch of years and have had a rectal prolapse for almost two years. It took a while for the drs to diagnose it because I'm so young and have no risk factors like constipation.

I saw a surgeon at one of the top three pediatric IBD centers recently who told me that he's never had a case of rectal prolapse in a crohn's patient and doesn't know if he should do surgery and/or what kind. He is going to reach out to other surgeons, I was just wondering if anyone else dealt with this issue and what their experience was? I recently had a scope that showed moderate inflammation including this area, but the prolapse has been there even when in remission.


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I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I have a permanent partial prolapse due to surgery. It's not the end of the world, however it has to be dealt with in a different manner than usual. Feel free to ask anything that you think would be of any help to you. pm's are fine too.

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Ds has reoccurring rectal prolapse .
Started same time as his Crohns
He was dx at age 7.
He is now almost 15.

Like you
His Crohns can be under control but still have prolapse

We have found vsl#3 prescription strength probiotics help woth his prolapse
As well as the right meds

As far as surgery
We took Ds to Cincinnati children’s ibd center for a second opinion
We were instructed to not let ANYONE do surgery on the prolapse unless it was a medical emergency
The docs concern was once they tried to repair the prolapse
The Crohns would attack the surgical site and spread on both sides
Leaving no choice but a permanent ostomy bag

So we left it alone
His rectal prolapse does get worse if his Crohns is flaring
And is the last area to heal

But until Ds is an adult
We are not choosing an elective surgery

Ds is the first case his GI saw woth crohns as well