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Rectal stump - what's normal?


I am new here, so I apologise if I am not posting in the correct section.
My husband had a subtotal colectomy with end ileostomy at Christmas. He fell ill very quickly and was eventually diagnosed with ulcerative colitis/chron's (the consultants seem to swap and change?) My question is...

The rectal stump began to bleed after a few months, which was treated with Pentasa suppositories once a day. He stopped them after a month and the blood returned after going without Pentasa for a week. He is now taking Pentasa on a permanent basis, but he still gets some blood staining in his discharge. Is this normal?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this
I would contact his GI doctor as well as his primary care physician. A little bit of discharge may be normal, but it sounds like they should do a second look. If he has active inflammation in the small bowel, it can manifest itself as blood.