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Rectal stump

Hi everyone,

I recently had a panproctocolectomy, leaving the rectal stump. I already had an ileostomy so not much of a lifestyle change really, though my general well-being went through the roof as I had sever disease at the end of the bowel. It’s been a year now with hardly a grumble.
I’d like people’s experience of how their rectal stump behaves, what it feels like when you have a flare in there. So far my problem has been draining it of mucus to avoid infection but that always goes without much effort.
more recently it does feel like it’s a bit swollen and I can feel some sensations a bit like butterflies which I also had before the surgery (odd one, but I’ve had worse symptoms!)
It’s all manageable and not severe. But I’d like to know what a flare feels like for you guys in this situation. Cheers
When I had my rectal stump it never bothered me much.

You can wait only so much to have it reconnected to whatever is left of your gut, if you wait a long time its not good.

When they reconnected it, its not such a simple surgery, they cut my left ureter in the process and they did not notice but I would do it again all the time to get rid of that bag.

By the way when they did the surgery 3 months later I still had some inflammation in the stump but I never felt it so the Dr. did the anastomosis but then he did not put it to work, .......I got a new ileostomy so the anastomosis could heal......bad mistake.....got Crohns now in my terminal ileum instead of in the colon and a stricture that caused me terrible obstructions at the anastomosis site after a couple of months after they took away the ileostomy.

But thanks God they were able to do a balloon dilation.....so now I am better than ever.!!!

It takes some time but your gut recovers and you forget little by little the bad times.