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Recto vaginal fistula

Can anyone tell me what surgery might be done for a recto vaginal fistula, I have tried different meds ,and infliximab, which I had anyphilaxis shock on my fourth infusion, so now my doctor says surgery may be the best option .:sign0085:
Hi there are a few options in the UK. I've had a LIFT procedure on my low but chronic recto vaginal fistula just over a week ago. I'm pretty sure it's not worked as still passing stool through vaginal side. There's also a advancement flap procedure but I'm struggling to find much on recto vaginal fistulas on this forum. Due to my weak internal sphincter from forceps delivery when I had my first baby I couldn't have any surgery that involved cutting the sphincter. Hope you get some answers, maybe they will help me too. Would be nice to read some surgery success stories for RVF.