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Rectovaginal Fistula?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to come on here since this seems to be the only place where I see several people talking about this issue. I suspect I have a rectovaginal fistula but not sure so I wanted to ask those with it what are your symptoms?

Although I don't have Crohn's, I suffer from mild IBS triggered by certain foods and have had a traumatic child birth 3 years ago which resulted in 4th degree tearing. I have recovered my ability to control my bowels but do suffer from incontinence if I have diarrhea. Recently I have noticed some stool or yellow discharge when I wipe at the front. But it's only sometimes when it's bad diarrhea and I don't have foul discharge.

My question is how frequently would stool pass through the vagina if it is truly a fistula? Would it always be coupled with infections/foul discharge?

I'm currently pregnant with my second and I'm just concerned. I have a feeling my OB will not take this seriously but I do have an appointment this week.

Thanks for reading


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New York, USA
When I had mine - it was PAINFUL having stool pass through the fistula - burning/tearing type of pain that happened with pretty much every bm, especially if I had D. A doctor, either your Gyn or a GI should be able to check if there is actually a fistula or something else going on.