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Rectum removal causing a male to become unable to have kids

Hello everyone,
Wow it's been over 4 yrs since my last login! I hope everyone is doing good.

Has anybody heard or experienced not able to be able to have children after having their rectum removed? My fiance had read it somewhere on Google and we have been trying for a few months now to have a child with no luck... So I figured I'd turn to writing a post here since all my questions in the past that I've posted here have been answered. Thank you
I think there is a chance that damage to vascular structures could cause erectile issues. Aside from that, the testicles are a good distance away. That shouldn't cause much of an issue. Can't think of any other reason why there might be a challenge in this. If it looks like the equipment works properly, you should be good to go.

sorry - last thought. if you have certain meds, there may be an issue there. If in doubt, speak with your GI.