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Recurring Infections

Soooooooo.... Just as a bit of an update to those who havent read my "My Story Thus Far" post when I first joined...

I've been experiencing symptoms for many years that are currently undiagnosed. They are as follows...

*Constipation w/occasional diarrhea
*Severe abdominal pain
*History of Kidney Stones (first stone was a 6mm at 17 years old)
*Low-grade fevers are common
*Occasional nausea and vomiting
*Night sweats
*Feeling of non-completion of bowels
*Joint pain/stiffness (wrists, hips, and knees mainly)
*Anemia (off and on)
*Mouth ulcers (off and on)
*Stage 2 Rosacea
*Bleeds and bruises easily
*Irregular Monthly Cycle
*Tilted Uterus

I also forgot to mention a few other things. I think I forgot mainly because I've been living with it for so long that it became almost normal for me.

They are..

*Yeast infections
*Thrush (Candida of the mouth/yeast)
*Bladder infections
*Trouble swallowing
*Sharp Chest Pains in the center of the chest
*Chest tightness

I went to the ER three weeks ago in terrible pain in my abdomen. A CT w/Contrast showed inflammation of my small intestine and colon. The Doctor came into the room and said it looked most definitely to be Crohn's, but of course, I would need a Colonoscopy to confirm.
He put me on a course of antibiotics to "clear out an possible infection, since people with Crohn's get infections easily". Those were, Cipro (500mg 2x Daily for 10 days), and Flagyl (500mg 4x Daily for 10 days). I completed both as directed.

I had a Colonoscopy performed by my GI one week later, and just received my results. Normal. No signs of ever having inflammation! Although I do have hemorrhoids....

Now to the current...
I currently have a middle and outer ear infection in my left ear, and an outer infection in my right ear, as well as a bladder and yeast infection. My thrush is constant. I've had it for 8 years now. The PA I saw at a MinuteClinic was very thorough (more than any Doctor Ive seen), and said it also appeared my thyroid was enlarged.

She prescribed Amoxicillin (500mg 2x Daily for 10 days), and also prescribed Fluconozole 150mg to take for the yeast post antibiotics.

Gosh this post is long...

Anyway, are recurring infections (mainly yeast) a sign of other problems? I'm thinking of seeking out an Endocrinologist, and perhaps an Immunologist to seek an answer.

Hi there.

I also have not been dx yet. I have a lot of the symptoms you are having. As far as the infections, my big issue is with bladder infections. Any autoimmune illness can cause chronic infections of any kind. Has your doctor ever run an autoimmune blood panel on you to rule out lupus and other autoimmune diseases?

I am also going to have some testing done. Oh, I would also reccomend having your small bowel checked. I was researching and I think either the MRE or the small bowel follow through is suppose to be good. They also have a pill endoscopy. You swallow a pill that is a camera that takes pictures of your small intestines. I am not sure how reliable this is though or the safety of it. I would discuss the pro's and con's with your GI first.

I have been sick for over 8 years with a lot of different things. I have seen many many specialists. Went to mayo clinic and also flew to Detroit to see a doctor who specialized in fibromyalgia and autoimmune issues. Have you ever been checked for lyme disease?? I had one test come back as intermediate( meaning it is probable that I was exposed. Lyme is very, very hard to diagnose unless you get it diagnosed right away, within the first couple months.The best lab that tests for lyme is Igenex. They are the only lab I would trust in terms of getting an accurate test done. Just a thought.

Anyhow, I am sorry you dealing with all this. I hope you get some answers soon so you can get to feeling better..