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Recurring obstructions and facing second resection

Has anyone been through similar?

I've had Crohns since 99, j-pouch construction and takedown in 01. c-section in 07, followed by about a half a dozen hospital stays for obstructions.

Bowel resection in 3/10, and now having obstructions again. Facing surgery at the end of November.

I am kind of overwhelmed at this point, wondering what I should do!

More surgery could equal more scar tissue, which means more obstructed areas, but leaving alone means I can't eat solids!

To top it off, this surgery is exploratory because they cannot 100% pinpoint the area. They find areas that are obstructed on CT's and bowel series, but he's done scopes and not seen anything bad.

I just don't want to go through surgery again if 1. there's nothing to resect and 2. if it means something worse in the long run.
Can't say I've had similar experience, when I've had resections the reasons have been more obvious but I still experience some hesitancy and delay as long as I can. I seem to reach a point where I accept that surgery is the right path to take, and then put my faith in the surgeon and go through with it. Not sure that this is any help except to let you know I understand the dilemma and wish you luck, whatever you decide.
You could always ask for a second opinion. Your doctor should be happy to send you for one. If not, then he is not being realistic. You may want to consider going to a "biggie" like Mayo or Cleveland (I am most familiar with facilities in the MidWest). If your strictures are scar tissue from your prior surgeries, could they cut the adhesion? I had to have that once. The adhesion was causing the bowel obstruction and once it was removed, my bowel was restored to regular function.

Have you tried any disease modifying drugs? Remicaid, Humira, Enbrel, 6mp, Imuran - anything like that??

Seriously, if you are having questions and want to know all of your options, I would highly recommend a second opinion. If you have a good doctor, he should welcome the input, and still want to treat you. My fave GI sent me for additional opinions several times because we could not agree on treatment. It helped me as much as it helped him.