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Red Eyes with methotrexate

Has anybody gotten red eyes from methotrexate? Tomorrow will be my fourth weekly dose of 25mg and the red eyes started about 3 days ago. They aren't super painful but are irritating. I'm trying to wear glasses instead of contacts, but it's frustrating. My mom said it's from lack of oxygen to my eyes, but I can't find any articles that say that.

Does anyone else have this symptom?

If so, does it go away after a while or after you stop the med?

My son has this symptom but his is associated with his CD and not the MTX, I didn't notice the red eyes until after he started MTX. I took him to his GI and he referred him to an eye doctor. I thought it was being caused by MTX but it was episcleritis and is one of the EIMs of CD.

Here is a poster with what my son was experiencing(the top left image):

I couldn't find anything with a quick search that stated MTX can cause these issues but might be worth asking your GI about.