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Red tomato skin like pieces in stool

I have been on heavy antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection, and also take probiotics to counter-effect the antibiotics bacterial removal. For the last week, I have noticed red spots on my stool. The stool color is normal brown, and the spots are one or two. Afraid, I examined one or two of the red spots. They were very skin-like, like some kind of tomato skin. They did not dissolve in water and required some pressure to be split into two. The pieces are tiny, less than 10mm. Any clue what it may be? Does blood congeal into a skin-like substance? I am trying to see a Gasentrologist but these guys are so busy during holiday season.
I've seen these in my stool and had always assumed they were tomato or pepper skins. I can never reliably remember what I've eaten in the past 24-48 hours to know whether it's possible. :)
I've never asked a doctor about it as I had just assumed it was vegetable skin as it appeared to be. Now I'm sort of curious myself.
If it's bright red, it's unlikely that it's blood in your stool, which is usually tar black. Bright red blood on your stool or in the toilet water is more typically from anal bleeding, like from a fissure, or hemorrhoids. (New blood is red; old blood, such as what has passed through your digestive system, is black.) If you are having red bits in your stool, it's probably something you are eating and not digesting, like a tomato skin. What are you eating that is red?

All that said, it would be best to check with your doctor. Don't worry about disturbing them during the holiday season -- they work year round! And talking to a nurse might be enough to allay your fears, so you may just want to ask to speak to a gastro nurse. Don't be shy about describing it exactly as you have. They are used to such details.

Hope that helps!
To be on the safe side you should definately contact your nurse or GI, but as already stated by others, to put your mind at ease, bright red blood is usually a sign of fresh blood and is usually a result of nothing sinister.