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Reducing Red Meat Consumption in Crohn's Patients Did Not Lengthen Remission Period

Lady Organic

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I find this study to be highly questionnable and honnestly to the point of being unethical. Mainly, the diet protocol really made me unhappy:

''Participants randomly assigned to the control diet (referred to hereafter as the high-meat group) were instructed to follow their usual diet with the additional criteria: (1) to consume a minimum of 2 servings of red meat or processed meat each week.''

Instructing IBD patient (who are known to have increased risk of colon cancer) to consume a well known food that is associated with higher risks for colonic cancer is non sense and counter-productive to me.

previous thread I posted on the subject:

Considering our high risk for colonic cancer, there is enough solid evidence out there to deter us from consuming processed meats. Doctors should never encourage or instruct high risk colonic cancer population such as us IBD patients to eat it, even if its only for 6 month study. Thats really not right:( If this study with this diet protocol had been in my hospital I would have objected very strongly to it.
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Cross-stitch gal

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I've found that I just don't digest red meat at all and when I have it that it will run right through me. So, I make sure to stay far away from it. For me, it is for sure a no go and if it's recommended for me to have it, I'd have to reject!