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Refills are insane!


How tightly controlled is this thing? I have two injections left and they won't let me refill yet. I don't like being so low on my drugs because what if I go away or there is a delay in receiving the meds? As it is they said it takes a few days to order the drug and syringes.

Do they think I'm going to have fun and OD on chemo?

I really don't get why I need to be down to one injection before I can refill.
There may be a methotrexate shortage. You could ask at the pharmacy what exactly is going on. Could it be an insurance issue, especially with the change of calendar year coming up?

I'm serious about the shortage scenario, though. This happened to me when I was on it about 10 years ago. Apparently a fungal outbreak occurred in the one factory where it was made (in the country where I was living at the time) and they had to shut down production entirely until the factory was cleaned up.

I used the shortage as a kind-of excuse to get off it because it wasn't doing anything helpful for me -- I still flared on it (and I was on Remicade at the same time, too) and I hated its numerous side effects.

If you're on the injections and want to try the pills, you could also ask about that. . . .


They said its a controlled substance and my insurance won't allow it. I'm only eligible 5 days before I'm out of supplies.
I have no experience with Methotrexate, but when I was on Humira and Cimzia, I had the same problem. I had to wait till I was almost out of my med before I could order a refill, which stunk because it took a few days for the refill to actually come in the mail (I used a mail-order pharmacy). There were a few times when I had to delay the injections a day. I, too, live in New York, so maybe that's part of it??


Make sure they are aware the MTX vial is only good for 28 days per the cdc once opened( punctured).
So you really can't get it all out.


They know each vile is good for two injections so that's not the issue. It's good to know about the 28 days though because I have leftover after 2 uses and kept the viles for an emergency supply. I guess I can't do that.