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Refused Care

Every time that I go through extreme stress, When someone I love dies from natural causes, I flare from stress. My mother, than my brother, then my sister and a week ago Monday one of my dear friends was murdrered which was compounded by other stresses too, have a major flare in my esophagus, whichthey can not see on CT scan, If it was in my intestines I would have been admitted yesterday. SInce it needs a scope to be seen, they don't believe it's Crohns and today they would not admit a Crohns patiest because they are full with unvaccinated Covid patients, 80%and 20% with underlying conditions. I can't eat or drink without more pain than I ever imagined. My throat is closing more every day, regardless of th prednisone I am taking for mast flare I was released form the hospital on January 1. if my throat completely closes before I make it the hospital, I die becaue of stupid idiote refusing to protect themselves. I may try to fly to SIngapore on an emergency travel visa, where non vaccinated people doe not get admitted to the hospital for any reason, 98% vaccianted, their hospitals are not full. I am terrified to got to sleep, apple sauce and water barely pass, so it won't be long until air is restricted. I am more scared than I ever been. We lost my mother and siblings and I can't leave my Dad alone. Or get luck enough to get an ambulance right before

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Are you seeing a therapist to help you with your stress ?
have they tried buesonide swallow /or Flovent swallow therapy for your throat ? They use both in eosinophilic disease which causes strictures in the throat .