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Regional pain anaethesia

Hi. Has anyone had any experience with ultrasound guided regional pain blocks (steroids and local anaethesia). Son has appointment scheduled out of desperation. We have been told the appalling low success rate. Any first hand experiences please ?? Thanks
Fortunately cant report sons experience on this to give others guidance as procedure never happened. (Pre) Flexi sig was EXCRUIATING and (as we thought) Crohns flair present in rectal stump. EUA showed fistulas. Proceeded to seton. Now awaiting plug to avoid protectomy. Had regional pain anathesia gone ahead, can you imagine the mess created with steroid injections into a system with a CD flair/supporating infection ???
A cautionary tale to push hard when as a patient you know your own body. Remicade masks inflammatory markers so CRP not always an accurate indicator of whats happening.
Pain was clearly referred. Now almost completely resolved. Nausea/vomiting GONE. Its like WOW.
Diversion ?? Na. Fistulas/small collection.
A year of suffering post-colectomy 'cos no one could join the flipping dots !!!