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Relationship issues and Crohn's Disease



many of you read mt first thread about my boyfriend having crohns, I reseved alot of very rude reactions to what I said, please let me to make what I am saying clean to everyone. I do not love my boyfriend out of pitty, I love him for the kind of man he is. He is going tho one of the hardest things I could imagin and yet he helps me with my daughter(that is not his) cleans house while i'm at work since he can't have a job due to his crohns, and he still finds time to just be romantic with me. If a man can go tho as much pain as he dose, (and i know he is in pain I see it and he tells me daily) and yet do everything he can to be a wonderful boyfriend to me and a father to my daughter, I just can't belive he would feel i would love him less. It hurt me inside that he would ever think that a illness would make me love him less. so for those of you that feel I love him out of pitty, you need to step into my shoes and think how would you feel in my place. another thing I don't know alot about crohns, all I know is what it is doing to my boyfriend. I don't coddle him he stands on his own two feet, but.....he still needs to fell he is loved. he tells my all the time he fears being alone. and I don't blanm him. I fear bing alone and my ex use to beat me up. so if anything i have said has made anyone mad. Fine I'm sorry. I would give you my blood if that would make it better, but unforchatly I can't because then i would be dead before i even got tho with a quarter of all the people i have offened. So once agian I am sorry I made so many people mad, but to those of you that understood what I ment thank you, I would aprcate any information you could give me I want to learn as much about this disease as I can.
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I think some of us just took it wrong, no harm done :)
I can completely understand how you must feel learning about all of this. It is a lot to deal with. And of course their is a lot to learn, so that you know what can/is happening, without constantly wondering.
I think it is great you are here, you can learn a lot I am sure. And I think those of us with crohns can learn a little bit about how others react/feel and such.

As for learning, I would say check out ccfa.org as someone else said, or just search for crohns in a search engine. Or you can just read here, lots of info in a relatively short time!

I just wanted to comment on this and tell you that what you are doing for your bf is a wonderful thing, and I dont knwo where i would be if it wasnt for my bf's support through out my experince with Crohns, but I can also see where some people are coming from, and why some were offended. I think with having this disease we also all get very protective of it. It becomes a part of us and theres nothing we can really do about it so we become offensive when it comes to people thinking we need to be taken care of or need special treatment, and im guessing thats the way anyone would feel given any disease. Maybe its just are way of learning to deal with it I dont know but I often find my self expecially at work becoming offensive when i shouldnt. My managers often ask me how im feeling and there are days when i get upset just by them asking but Im sure most of the time they dont mean anything by it. I guess what im trying to say is that everyone takes it in different ways and I really believe that you being there for your bf is probably the best "medicine" that he could probably have right now. Good luck to you both!!!:)