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Relatively new to this

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relatively new to this

My story......
I have been diagnosed with Crohn's since last May (so, happy one year anniversary to me....yay!!) I don't have a severe case, that I know of. I'm now on my second doctor and getting ready to have my second colonoscopy tomorrow (have to make this quick, because I get to start my laxatives in 20 minutes) Basically, I hate all of my doctors so far, because no one has wanted to discuss my situation with me. They just tell me that they won't discuss anything that's not Crohn's related, but if I have a side effect symptom from my drugs, they tell me to go to my primary doc (wouldn't a side effect from Crohn's drugs be Crohn's related??:confused: ) I'm currently taking Imuran and Asacol. Been on the Imuran for the last year, but it hasn't changed my situation, so the new doc started me on Asacol, but it's not working either. I've been dealing with stomach issues since I was a kid, but my family only went to the doctor if we were dying...so I just kept my pain to myself and eventually told myself that it was normal to have blood in my stool. Finally at the age of 29, with the courage from going to therapy for almost a year, I decided to find out what was wrong with me. The gastro doc that I went to laughed at my symptoms and told me that I may just have gas issues. He performed a colonoscopy because my primary doc urged him to, and found that I have Crohn's. My aunt has Crohn's and has been on disability for the disease for as long as I remember, so this scared me. For anyone in the US..I currently work for a hospital in NC where I help people apply for disability and Medicaid so I am very knowledgeable on the subject if anyone needs advice or just wants to bitch about the insanity of it all.



Welcome to cz i hope that you find this site useful as im sure the people from the us will find your knowlege on the disability bennifit useful to. Oh and good luck for the colonoscopy!!!!!!!

All the best hun


Welcome to the board. I am glad that after coming to the chat you decided to come to the board and share your story with all of us. I hope you stick around here some more, and look forward to chatting with you again in the future.


Hi there! I remember you from the chat! With a nickname like yours, its hard to forget about you! :D

Tami Lynn

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Welcome to the board. Glad you posted, and I hope all goes well with your colonoscopy!

BTW: Which chat did you go to? I don't remember your name, but I wasn't in either of the chats for the entire time they ran.

Will you be there tonight? Are you M or F?

Best wishes with finding a better doctor - It's so important to find a good one who will listen.


Hey there sweetie -

Good to have you on board - you sound as if you've got the head FIRMLY screwed on! Hope to speak to you in the future, look after yourself, and don't take any s*** from your doc!

Good luck with everything,a dn hopefully talk to you soon.

Take care



Had my colonoscopy yesterday and it was not a good experience. Basically I was not totally sedated when the scope was put in and it got stuck. The doc started jabbing it, so I was in pain for most day afterwards. No tears though, so that's a plus. He came in when I woke up and told me that my colon looks good, just have a few bad places and he took a biopsy from my ileum. He prescribed amitriptylline, but I'm not going to take it. He said that he prescribed it for pain. I went to my primary doc today to discuss my concerns and he offered to set me up with another doc, but I told him that I want to get my results back and see if this doc gets better. My primary doc thinks that this new doc may just be drugging me to shut me up. Primary doc prescribed Welbutrin to help me quit smoking and lose weight (I'm a crohn's patient that weighs 300+ pounds and I'm gaining weight, but they don't seem to know why). The positive side to this is I will quit smoking, lose weight and my sex drive should increase...Watch out world!! LOL! I have concerns about being on anti depressants because of my recent boughts with loss of memory and concentration. My primary doc assured me that there is no anti depressant in the world that could make me quit talking (he knows me too well), but he does not want me taking the stuff prescribed by the Crohn's doc until he talks to him to find out why he prescribed this (I don't have trouble sleeping and I haven't had much pain lately, so there doesn't appear to be a clear cut answer)