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Reloading dose of Stelara....any success?

Hi All,

I originally started stelara in dec 2018 with the loading dose then 90mg every 8 weeks. In April I started getting break-through symptoms at the 6 weeks point then 5 week point. My GI upped the dose to 90mg every 4 weeks and that worked for a few months and I felt great. Then in September I got break-through symptoms at 3.5 week point then this month just before the 3 week point. I took my needle and it's taken a week for it to even start to kick in and I'm still not 100% and am having symptoms.

My GI doctor is now recommending a "reload dose" via infusion and then continue the 90mg every 4 weeks. Has anyone had this done and regained their responsiveness to stelara or is this just a waste of my efforts here?

Thanks for any input.
Hi there, my son was in a similar situation with Remicade. He had to have his dose reloaded because he was having symptoms before his next infusion date. After reloading, and when it came time to have his regular intervals, he couldn't make it to the next infusion date, and again the GI ordered another reloading dose. He ended up having his dose increased to the higher level and frequency decreased and things have been fine.

I think it's great that you are getting another reloading dose of stelara and then frequency is reduced. This might be exactly what you need to keep the momentum.

Good luck.