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Remember how you were told registering would donate $ to the CCFC...


Well it was the truth :D.

........:shifty-t: .....

Want proof?

I have donated this money through the ePledge site of our very own member Sparrow! I made a thread showing my own ePlesge site hoping some others would do the same, so that I could give the donation out this way. Unfortunately no one did. I did not want to give the reason why I wanted them out, as I wanted this to be a surprise to someone. Well Sparrow has posted the link to her ePledge site in her signature, so I used that to donate the money :).

You can all see the pledge or donate some money yourself at:


This donation was made because all of you signed up and participated to make this community the special place that it is. I am hoping you continue to stay with us here, as we continue to improve and make life-long bonds with others who know what we have gone through and go through better than even some of the closest people in our lives.

So congratulations to all of you and lets continue to do our part to ensure that IBD is cured in our lifetime :thumleft: .


Mama Crohnie
This is better then great Mike. Absolutely so fantastic. I donate every year since I work for CCFC..along with my HealnWheel a thons, and our bowling for Crohns tournaments. I think next year I will get my pledge form online as well. Way to go Sparrow.


Awesome job Mikey.Very much Appreciate your time here on the site to make it a great place that it is to be part of.


:emot-waycool: ditto what everyone else has said Mike, great job with what youve done here so far, and Im glad to be a member on your site!


:) Thanks Mike for putting the donation into my epledge for the Heel 'n' wheel a-thon!:thumleft: And yes it was a huge surprise to see the notification in my email earlier today*hug*
:eek: :eek: :eek:


Great Stuff Mike, fantastic job your doing here for all the boys and girls of the crohnnie world