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Remembering tto take the meds?

I have a hell of a time remembering to take my meds.

It's my daily dose of 1mg folic acid tablets that gives me the most headache. I am supposed to take those every day, except on Methotraxate day. But I am lucky if I get 3 -4 of those in me during the week.

The Methotraxate I have only forgotten once, and it was only two days later I remembered it. I take that once a week.

The Humira is still a new thing for me, so I will remember that.

I have my meds on alarm on my phone, but I simply shut that out. if I have other stuff to do.

Also I should probably take some extra vitamins, minerals etc, but I can never keep that up for more than a day or two, and they are out of my mind...

So do you have any tricks to help you out with remembering your meds?
Sometimes it helps me to put all of the pills that I'll take in a day in my pocket. Maybe you'd be better at taking them with your alarm if they were really close by, too? Then you would just have to get them out of your pocket and it wouldn't seem like so much of a hassle.
Try to have them prepared in advance. Whether it is a pill container for weekly doses and you have that by the fridge, or wherever you go first thing in the morning and you would see that day's pills and take them? try to think of it as a preventative measure that will keep you in good health. Even if you have to tape a bag to your juice jar in the fridge, (if that is what you first reach for). Or on your coat! good luck!
I set up my pills in a case with a spot for each day. Once a week I fill it an I check my box every morning and before bed. I have it on my nighstand with a glass of water. The case was a couple bucks at the drug store.

I have trouble remembering the Welchol since it is in the middle of the day.

Good luck finding a system that works for you.


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I do the same thing. I bought one of those weekly medicine cases. I fill it weekly and every night I take out my meds for the next day and put them in a small bowel. It took me years to get good at this, but I am very good at it now :)
I use several pill containers, mostly because I have to take 2 Pentasa capsules 4 times a day, and they are huge and fill up the little daily spaces easily. But whatever works for you, it's going to be best if you get into a routine. For example, always take a particular med when you wake up in the morning, always take another one with lunch, etc. It gets to be second nature after awhile.

And the best thing about the pill containers is you can look back and see if you remembered to take your meds -- no more guessing.
Yes, the pill containers are good. Also, if you fill it for a week ahead, you know when to put in for your repeat prescription. I also got a cute little pill box off eBay for the ones I have to take to work, but I forget them too if I miss my phone alarm or get distracted!


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Pill containers (dosettes) are the way to go! I use with Matt and it allows me to see that he remembers to take his meds and also as Helen said, packing in advance means you don't run out of meds. I started with one like this when he was taking meds three times a day, the plastic containers are removable...


And this now that he down to daily medication...


Dusty. :)
I have a weekly pill container , im on methotrexate and folic acid too, helps me to remember to take my folic acid on the right days , and i set an alarm on my mobile to remind me as well :)


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Oh DustyKat, you have a fancy one. Your is nicer than mine and bigger. This is perfect for anybody that has to take pentasa (somanypills)
Yeah, the best way is defo to get into a routine somehow. I'm not on much so take it all before I go to bed. The only issue is my Iron as I like to take that with food to avoid the nasty side effects. So I have to keep my pill bottle on the table, where I eat my dinner to remind me. Only that won't work when I go back to uni because I don't sit in the same place all the time. So I will probably put them in my food cupboard to remind me while I'm cooking or clearing up after I have eaten.