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Remi and terrible skin

Has any one found that the skin on your face gets all bumpy? Like little pimples? Since i have started then skin on my face looks terrible! Most people woundnt notice it, but i do because i have always had such clear skin. Im not whinging about it or anything, but was just seeing if any one is the same???
I have had bad acne. I have been using Proactiv for over a year now, and my skin is the clearest it has ever been in my life.
I have had the worst acne I have ever had and I just had my Humira starter kit about 11 days ago. I didn't think much of it, except that its unusual for me to have all these bumps pop up on my face, a little on my neck and even a few on my shoulders. I wonder if our immune systems are not going to be able to fight off acne?? This wasn't mentioned in the side effects of Humira. I was on Prednisone until a few days ago, and I wondered if that was causing this, but it isn't going away yet. What do ya think??
I think it must be something in the medication and i didnt think abiut the ummune system side of things, think that could have something to do with it. I can hide with make up and im not vain, so isnt a big deal but it definatley started after the remicade. I should thank myself lucky this is the only side effect!!!! I cant use anything on my skin as i am allergic to most facial cleansers as they burn my skin. All i use is water to wash and johnson and johnson baby lotion to moisturise. I dont wear heavy make up either. Thanks for the replies!!!!
I have had the opposite effect with Remicade, I think it’s strange how these medications effect everyone a little differently. I have had acne ever since I turned 23 and once I started the Remicade I noticed my acne getting better. My acne starts coming back about a week or two before my next infusion and then goes away again.
Wow that's cool that it's causing your acne to go away. I guess it's really nothing to worry about, we are fortunate that side effects aren't way worse! Things could always be much worse. That's kind of a motto I think to myself often. Helps me look at the brighter side!
My Remicade skin side effect is patches of dry skin. Mostly on my face (forehead and chin) and torso. Looks like I am mildly peeling from a sunburn.

Crohn's Mom

is anyone who is getting the "bumps" from the Remicade having them seep fluids out?
I'm curious because my daughter is on Cimzia and this has been her biggest problem with it since she started. She gets "sores" all over, but mostly on her face. After this last injection they have gotten worse. At first they (the GI doc, and dermatologist) said it was MRSA (a staph infection), so she has been on and off of doxycycline for months. Now they are growing bigger and bigger and they are going to reevaluate how they want to treat them; for now she has started back on the antibiotics again and we think they are helping.
Anyhow, just want everyone to be careful and not assume that it's just "acne" that is getting worse; it could be a skin staph infection that needs to be treated. :) I hope for everyones sake that it is "just" acne. Seems you can't win with this disease...if it doesn't get you, then the medications will some how.
Ever since starting the infusions i've had pimples all over my face, most noticeably on my forehead and neck, my face has also started to feel very oily. I've always had relatively clear skin and these spots just won't budge :(

I found I got rosacea after crohns started on me, not sure if it's linked but now and then it flares on my face and get red cheeks and nose then next day few spots on it.
I was just complaining about this to my house mate. I also have always had clear skin till last week, I believe it's because, you remember being told not to pop a zit because it will spread. in a normal immune system that can be fought but on autoimmune therapy our immune system is lower and so it can't fight back and they spread, or don't heal as fast.
or that's what i'm telling my self
after starting remi, i immediately noticed bumps on forehead. one skin tag same area.. whole forehaed feels like sand paper, but the kicker is these bumps, wart-like looking bumps are on forearms.. and they are gross. bumpy. may have them lazered off or lanced off. I had heard sometimes pus rears its ugly head too. geez. so yea i got bumps. and red dots on forearms.