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Remicade.. a month overdue



remicade.. a month overdue

hi everyone.. havent been on in a long time, hope everyone is well as can be.

a little update.. still in remission and feeling good, fingers crossed it can stay that way. I was a week or two overdue for remicade when I got back from Ireland Jan 12.. but they had to cancel my appointment (something about my funding running out - a silly trillium thing I can do nothing about)
its Now Feb 9 and still no funding. But it wouldnt even matter cause to top it off I have broke out in a crazy rash since New Years Eve hehe (its nothing dodgy lol, Ive had a biopsy and will find out in a couple of weeks why it wont leave) so now Im on antibiotics for 10 days.. so by the time Im ready I will be 2 months late and will have basically skipped a remicade dose. Not feeling really great about it but not a lot of options. Im hoping Im not one of those lucky people who will have an allergic reaction and never be able to use it again, or have it just stop working for me. :(

ooookk rant over.. on a good note Jonny finally got funding for his remicade so can make appointments every 8 weeks or a bit sooner if he needs to (he hadnt had one since July and just had one last week.. so far so good :))


my fingers are crossed for you too.
(and just think--humira is just about approved-or-something--so-maybe an option "just in case"--but i know you probably know more about it all than me (don't mean that it a bad way -you know-how i said that-i just mean--well--you know-so silly to go on ;))
YAY for jonny. thats good news :)
*hugs* to you both
Hi welcome back! :)
Hope you had a great time in Ireland!
Just wanted to say I know what you mean about Trillium.
I'm on it due to being self employed.



Nancy Lee said:
Hope you had a great time in Ireland!
Thanks! I did, Ireland agrees with me..
I always feel so much better for some reason, must be all that fresh air and Jonny time. I think its even better than remicade ;)

Im keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping I dont have to give up on the remicade.. but your right xray.. maybe humira will be an option for me if I need to change directions.

Thanks guys!