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Remicade and ALT Levels

I had my second infusion of Remicade Friday, and blood tests after.Today I get a call from the doctor saying my ALT is 168-three times what it should be. So now I'm off the Remicade, but still on MTX and Arava, and totally frustrated. The Remi was working great, and I don't know where to go from here *sigh*
How do they know its the remicade?! It could be the methotrexate. I would stop MTX before I stopped remi esp. if the remi is working for you. Get a second opinion.
I guess it's because I've been on MTX for a year and my levels have never gone up that much, but since I just started Remi they figure that's where they want to start looking.
Hmm, well maybe you cant handle the combination of the two. I dunno, I am grasping at straws for you, I guess. It sucks that your ALT levels went up during a treatment thats working for you.
is this thread still available? kinda old but was looking for info on liver enzymmes. mine have always been three digit levels. high digits.. I would try another lab. if remi was working for your IBD, lab could of messed up. dr blows the high level off since I have no symptoms indicating trouble.. thanks for post. hope you're still out here.