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Remicade and cold sores

does anyone get cold sores on the side of their mouth while on Remicade. My son has been on almost a year and now has just gotten cold sores that he can't get rid of. Not fun for college boy. Any suggestions?

thank you.
I used to get corner of the mouth sores this alot before I started treatment, it was definitely down to vitamin deficiency.

My skin has been a bit spot prone since starting Remicade and azathioprin.
I find drinking plenty of water through the day, using a cleanser at night (such as Clearasil ) and having a spot fighting gel to hand to put on immediately if anything comes up during the day all have helped - that and resisting the urge to pick - I find my skin just doesn't heal as well as it used to.
Thank you !! good to know and he does take various vitamins.. just of matter of not missing taking them. Thanks again - will keep posted.
I also have been getting these sores, and have blamed it on constant dehydration that I suffer from. I will be bringing this up with my GI at my next vist, and I found the link very helpful. Thank you David!


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Ressurecting an old thread..... Looks like I have developed angular cheilitis..... Started on the left side as I had a cold sore healing that felt different..... Now has spread to both sides.

I'm thinking mine may be due to either a final or bacterial infection, haven't been able to get to the doctor yet as I just got back from vacation yesterday.

To go along with the sores, I have a funny taste in my mouth, and a possible sinus infection brewing again..... To add to it, I had a couple of sores on my arm that looked like cellulitis AND my last bloodwork was off, showing inflammation.......