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Remicade and dental problems

I have been on steroids and now Remicade, I am now having dental problem, I have broken 2 teeth in the last 4 months.

Does anyone have this kind of trouble?



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I had tooth pains days after my first Remicade infusion. I am due for my 3rd infusion tomorrow and so far so good with the side effects. My teeth are very bad, much of the damage was done by a long term (3 years) course of Cipro and Azathioprine which caused my teeth to go black and dissolve before my dentist's eyes. The decay stopped after being off the drugs a year later. Cipro never again.

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Blimey I was on remicade for awhile. I didn't know that it can cause dental issues. Cipro sounds like a nightmare too. You both have my support n I think that if a treatment causes such issues, the treatment to repair the damage should be free. Hugs n love 💖