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Remicade and insomnia

I was on Entyvio for 9 months but it was not improving my condition so Doctor switched me to Remicade. On Entyvio I slept very well, in fact it was hard to stay awake some evenings. After my first infusion of Remicade last week I got insomnia. I feel very agitated at night and can't fall asleep. I'm trying Ambien CR. Anyone else get insomnia from Remicade and did it go away?
i have trouble sleeping when i take too much prednisone. i dont think its my remicade keeping me up. been using prednisone half my life for crohns disease. thats how i know its the pred. anything over 30mg im an owl. swollen ankles also follow. been getting thrush in mouth/tongue too. people will react differently. sure does sound like remi is keeping u awake tho. u arent on prednisone are you?