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Remicade and passion flower

Hey all,

I've been on Remicade for about 6 years now, but I recently have had to begin taking Prednisone. I first started the Prednisone a few weeks ago because of a small bowel obstruction for which I had to be hospitalized. However, after nearly tapering off of it completely, I've had to start taking it again, 60mg a day, to combat a skin lesion on my foot which the doctors believe is pyoderma gangrenosum (a rare skin condition which causes ulcers on the skin, generally on the legs). However, my question relates to the negative side effects I've been experiencing from prednisone (which are now going to continue after almost getting off it). I've been having bad anxiety problems and a lot of trouble sleeping. Does anyone know if it's safe to try this passion flower sleep aid stuff in combination with remicade and prednisone? Really not liking prednisone at all
Hi white,

I am not on remicade but I am on Humira so pretty similar stuff. I take Ambien to help me get to sleep. But I see no reason why you couldnt take passion flower extracts. If you wanted to you could try lemon-balm with lavender and chamomile teas to stay in the herbal ranges. I always used dried herbs in a tea infuser for my brews I made. Other things that work in sleep tea are Mugwart and catnip I am sure there are tons more but those are the ones I generally stuck with.

The pred side effects will eventually go away. It takes some time at least it always has for me when coming off high dosages. Yes Pred Sucks.
I use Melatonin and it works great-no interactions with pred or Remi for me, I really like lavender essentialk oil too-just put a little on your pillow and it takes the edge off the pred.
I am on Pred also, and suffer with terrible anxiety and insomnia. I take something called amitriptaline, its a sleep aide, calms me down and makes the pred much more tolerable....but I still have my days....just the way of the meds. Good luck
Thanks everyone. I wanted to check my with doctors its just been the weekend and I've been sleepless for a while.
i havent been sleeping well for a while but its certainly been worse since starting prednisone. ended up taking nyquil but thats never a refreshing sleep