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Remicade and side effects

I’ve been told that Remicade and other medications can cause some change in behavior and people’s mental states. I think this is happening to me. I’ve been on Remicade for about 15 months for Crohn’s. I get it every 6 weeks. I’m also on medication for anxiety, depression, and sleep aid. Specifically Lexapro, Alprazolam, and Doxapin. I’m on hyoscyamine and tramadol to help with the pain. I see a psychiatrist and she consulted with my GI doctor before prescribing me the other medication and he gave his approval. But lately my mental state has been different.

I’ve been saying and doing things that I never would’ve thought of before I started Remicade. My temper has been really bad, I get frequent mood swings. I have been having unusual thoughts and actions that I’m embarrassed to say what they are. My family has noticed that I’ve been completely different these last few months and the only thing I can think of why is my medication. Nothing has changed about my life or living conditions since I started the treatment. I’ve looked at everything I can think of and that’s the only thing I can find as to why this is happening to me.

Thanks so much for your time and help. I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post this so please move if the need arises. I’m just at a loss right now.