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Remicade and skin rash

Ever since my last infusion of Remicade I have developed a skin rash on my face. It's not itchy but it's peeling like a sunburn. Today in math class one of the tutors asked me if I had this type of dermatitis, I can't remember what specific kind, but he said I need to start taking showers less then four minutes or it could get worse. Have any of you guys experienced this?
Remicade causes my skin to become really dry to the point where it flakes like a sunburn. I use Lac-Hydrin lotion to counter it.
Thanks guys I think I may have figured out what it is. I'll try to the internet treatments for a week and then see what happens.


One Badass Dude
My buddy said after four years, Remicade's effectiveness is wearing off. His rash is all over -- likely because of an allergic reaction to something. He has yet to get this confirmed, though.