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Remicade and walking?

Tomorrow I have to talk to my doctor for protocol purposes (every infusion is that way, here at least) and I was wondering if this is something that's NORMAL for Remicade, the first time or not?

I had my infusion and it ended at 11. At 3, my legs felt really weird. I can't describe it other than a weird sensation running down my leg. I ignored it until recently when I walked stairs and it got even more that way.

I asked my relative about it and she said that happened every time I had an infusion. I never felt it until recently. I'm not sure if that was a medication problem or staying in a chair for 2 hours straight.:sign0085:
I am always exhausted a few hours after remicade.. my legs feel heavy. body feels like it can hardly function... That's usually until i take a super long nap when I get home, then I'm tired but not terrible