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Remicade antibodies/joint pain?

My Daughter has been on Remicade for about 2 years now. Seems to be working well with no issues.

After her last infusion, she had severe joint pain in her knees, shins, and lower back. It subsided in a day or so, and she is fine now.

Has anyone experienced this, and is it a concern?

Is it typical side effects, or would this be a sign of developing antibodies?
I do not know if it is the same thing or not, but....
My son had back pain during his last two infusions. The second time was worse than the first and had to stop the infusion give him iv Benadryl before finishing. They ran an antibodies test and he had high antibodies and zero remicade left in his system. He had to switch to humira.
Hope they are unrelated but thought I would share...
I would talk to her GI and get tested for antibodies. I just had the same thing happen to be and will be getting taken off of Remicade.
Thanks for the replies.

Just one day of joint pain could be such a serious sign of antibodies? It seems a little extreme, but as a Father, I've always resorted to wishful thinking. She has no other Crohn's symptoms, and just had an MRE in December which looked very good.

Wouldn't side effects like joint pain continue for weeks?

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Could be remicade antibodies or juvenile Spondylarthritis ( which would be joint pain for weeks)
JSpA tends to start out slow and build. 30% of kids with Ibd have joint involvement as a EIM .