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Remicade Bill?!

Hi everyone,
So I've just been wondering how much Remicade costs you before and after insurance pays. I got my Remicade in a new location based on where I'm going to school, and it says that it was around $19,000 before insurance and about $2300 after insurance paid. That sounds crazy and is so much!!
Just wanted to hear from some of you.

It has been several years since I was on Remicade but it was expensive enough that I took myself off which was a mistaken. Try Remistart and see if that can help you .
that sounds ridiculous. fight it for sure.
is it a hospital setting?!?
Usually it's less in a doctor's office or infusion center not affiliated with a hospital.
Remistart only helps with the medicine cost, not the infusion center fees.
What is your out of pocket max annually? although it probably doesn't matter now that they year is almost over.
That is what we pay for my son. It's about $19,000 in a pediatric infusion clinic at the hospital. After insurance the bill drops to $3200, which Remistart covers. We usually hit our out of pocket after two infusions. Since he started Remi three years ago, the cost has doubled.

I'm a little nervous because our insurance is changing on Jan 1 and I'm not entirely sure how things are going to look.
19k seems higher than normal...at least for mine. Mine run between 8-12k per infusion. My insurance as amazing though and after my deductible (1,000) they cover 100%. I have heard good things about Remistart and wouldn't hesitate to use it if I didn't have the insurance that I have.