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Remicade blood work

My Dr wanted to do blood work to check my remicade levels and my insurance company is calling it experimental. There is only one lab that takes the blood then they send it to San Diego. Has anyone else had this problem. My insurance pays 100% of the 12,800 cost of the infusion yet doesn't want to cover $200 blood work I just don't understand since I may be having joint pain and a lupus like rash on my face and arms due to a reaction to the remicade. :confused2:


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Naples, Florida
It's a common enough problem that Prometheus has a sample letter you can have your doctor send to the insurance company in an effort to get them to pay for it.

In my opinion, it's an incredibly important test and one I would pay for myself if necessary as not only does it test your serum levels of Remicade, but also checks for antibodies against it. This is very important information to have going forward. But boy would I fight my insurance every step of the way to get them to pay for it.
old post here. gunna try to get an answer..all I wanted to know is the name of this lab test ? been on remi since May 2016. drs been thinking about stretching the dosage to 8 weeks. he did that at last infusion, july to sept and in that time I relapsed. so up until july at abt 5-6 weeks, i was ok, proving that should be my time frame. but no, july 20 began bleeding. thats pretty quick too i believe that one time 8 week stint is enough to reason to stick to 5-6 week regimine.. but whats he want? currently at 400 ml and wants to go 700 at 8 weeks again. WITHOUT NO LAB INDICATING WHAT KIND OF SERUM LEVEL IS AT IN MY PRESENT CONDITION!. I HAD TO ASK HIM FOR IT AND FOUND ABOUT THIS SPECIFIC TEST FROM THIS WEB SITE WHICH IS WONDERFUL AND SOMETIMES EYE OPENING LEARNING EXPERIENCE. UNFORTUNATLY, I DIDNT LEARN THE NAME OF THE LAB TEST YET. I'd appreciate it so I'd know
The test is from Prometheus. It checks the level of Remicade in blood.

ok thanks chickey. i tried the link but its an error code. too old .. i will google it but what i dont get is that is the company administering it? can a local lab do it?
there has to be a name for the test itself.. just being real.. maybe i find when googling. thanks again,
The test is a just a blood test to check for your levels or antibodies. Prometheus is the lab that the blood is sent to.