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Remicade caused Drug-Induced Lupus?


I was wondering if anyone else has been on Remicade that caused Drug-Induced Lupus? I've had issues now for 3 months, barely can walk cause of swelling/pain in ankles and feet. All my toes are swollen and have been for months as well. Horrible joint pain basically everywhere and also vasculitis formed all down my legs. Now all my fingers and palm of hands are swollen with a burning sensation. They just switched me to Stelara and put me on 40 mg of Prednisone for the month since my doctors didn't take my complaints seriously at all. I just have been nonstop reading how rare it is to get Drug-Induced Lupus from Remicade. Very sad I had to be taken off of it since it worked amazing for my Crohns. Just wondering if anyone else had these same issues?